I had no choice but to have my teeth ‘done’ for medical reasons, and it’s changed my life

Eufemia Didonato

I’ve recently completed £7,500 worth of orthodontic treatments in a bid to fix my teeth, which interestingly – and rather annoyingly – were pretty perfect just four years ago. 

I’d never had any issues with my teeth growing up: I hadn’t had any fillings and I didn’t need braces as a teen. That all changed shortly after my 27th birthday.

All four of my third molars – or, wisdom teeth – began growing in at the same time. My jaw began clicking, and I’d get headaches and earaches several times a week. To make matters worse, my top row of teeth began suddenly shifting forwards and outwards, creating an open bite, which meant while my back teeth came together, the front teeth no longer did. 

An overjet also formed, which saw my two front teeth extend out in front of the lower teeth, leaving them prone to constant chipping. Within nine months, my relationship with my teeth had completely changed.    

A disclaimer: I’m part of the 36% of the population that has a fear of the dentists. I have to wear headphones and play music so I can’t hear the tools, and have walked out halfway through a simple hygiene appointment such was my fear, so removing any of the four teeth just wasn’t an option for me. 

When the pain and discomfort wasn’t letting up months later, I looked into braces, hoping that if I could push my teeth back in line, then everything would return to normal.

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