Zachary Levi Says Chuck Reboot Could Happen Soon

Zachary Levi teases something is close to happening in regards to a Chuck reboot, revealing that have been discussions and the timing feels right. Zachary Levi recently gave fans an update on the Chuck reboot, saying that it could happen sometime soon. The actor has been featured in a number […]

Zachary Levi teases something is close to happening in regards to a Chuck reboot, revealing that have been discussions and the timing feels right.

Zachary Levi recently gave fans an update on the Chuck reboot, saying that it could happen sometime soon. The actor has been featured in a number of more mainstream projects over the past years, appearing in Disney’s 2010 animated film Tangled, and the DC Extended Universe’s 2019 blockbuster, Shazam!, but one of his most beloved and critically acclaimed roles comes in the television series, Chuck, where he played the titular character for six years. Created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, the comedy/drama first premiered on NBC in 2007 and ran for a total of five seasons. It followed Chuck Bartowski, a young computer whiz who inadvertently opens and embeds software containing the United States’ most critical spy secrets into his brain, resulting in both the CIA and NSA using him to help carry out top-secret missions.


Since its debut, Chuck received praise from critics for its ability to smartly blend comedy with action thrills. The series also gained a loyal and fervent fanbase – one that played a role in NBC’s decision to renew it multiple times when it found itself on the brink of cancellation, creating a successful campaign after the second season to urge the network to continue airing it. After its final season, fans have been hoping for a revival of sorts, and the star himself, Zachary Levi, has expressed interest in a Chuck reboot as well. The actor has stated before that he has discussed the possibility with the rest of the cast, all of whom were open to returning, and that he just needed the right script and to get the series’ creators on board.

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Now, during an interview on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast, Zachary Levi revealed that he is close to making something happen. He recaps that he has been trying to make a reboot since 2012 and adds that with how prominent streaming has become, it would be easy to make and release something. He says that “the time is nigh” and that he has had promising conversations with Schwartz and Fedak, before addressing fans and noting that it will happen one day. Read Levi’s full comments, below:

“I’ve been trying to make a Chuck movie since before we even finished the show. Like, I was always like, for almost no money budget and no time, we were basically making a mini action movie every week anyway. And so if we have a little more budget and a little more time we could make some really killer little Chuck movies and put them online or whatever the heck. I’ve been literally trying to do this since 2012. And dude, I feel like the time is nigh. Yeah, I’ve had some very good, promising conversations with the creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. We had a really lovely get-together and catch-up.

“Y’know, during the pandemic we did a Chuck reunion Zoom deal and it was so great. I mean, I think it was a great reminder for everyone just how special and magical our little family was, and everyone was just right back into it. It was really great. And I think Josh and Chris, and they’ve built entire empires for themselves now, and the time is good, so hopefully. We’ll see. For all the Chuck fans who are listening to this right now, this is not–I don’t know if this is an official announcement or not, but I will tell you that for all of you who have been patient, thank you for your patience, I have not stopped trying and I will not stop trying. I’ve joked that even if I’m a geriatric Chuck, we’re gonna do it one day.

“But I think we’re close to making something happen, which I’m super excited about. And I think it works perfect because now, y’know, it’s a Warner Bros. show, it’s owned by Warner Bros., and I think that with all the streamers now and HBO Max, we could easily start making some movies and putting them there.”

Back in 2019, Zachary Levi joined some of his Chuck co-stars, Joshua Gomez and Ryan McPartlin, in a fun video posted to social media, reigniting fans desires to see them all act alongside each other again. In the years immediately following the show’s conclusion, critics began advocating for a continuation as well, noting its constant ability to maintain sharp, humorous writing, in addition to steady focus and charming performances. Chuck even ranked in the top shows generating social media interactions during its run, demonstrating how passionate its fans are.

The fans have stuck behind Chuck from the very beginning, so one can hope that they are rewarded for their loyalty with a series revival or movie event. Distributed by Warner Bros., who owns HBO Max, Zachary Levi has a point in that there is an easy and available path for a reboot to be able to enter the streaming space. Much of the cast of Chuck has continued working since its end, and with Levi expressing everyone’s anticipation to return to their roles, fans can rest assured that a potential reboot will bring back everything they loved about the original. For now though, they will have to wait and see what further news comes out regarding Chuck in the near future.

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