Top 13 Businesses In Crofton Nominated By Patch Readers

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CROFTON, MD — Patch asked and readers answered: what are your favorite businesses in Crofton? We put out a call for nominations for local businesses of the year. Here they are, according to Patch readers: Nonna Angela’s“Amazing customer service, kind staff, high-quality food.” Vuongs Taekwondo and Fitness Center“Vuongs is more […]

CROFTON, MD — Patch asked and readers answered: what are your favorite businesses in Crofton? We put out a call for nominations for local businesses of the year. Here they are, according to Patch readers:

Nonna Angela’s
“Amazing customer service, kind staff, high-quality food.”

Vuongs Taekwondo and Fitness Center
“Vuongs is more than a highly professional martial arts academy, it is a support group for the families that are members. They teach not only Taekwondo, with the benefits of discipline and confidence, but instill the goal in each student to be the best person they can be. Master Chien and the staff are incredibly helpful and responsive to the needs of the families and during these trying times have set a standard for safety practices that students carry home and maintain out of class. The venue they provide students for remote learning is nothing less than a God send for working parents. We are so grateful for Voungs Taekwondo and Fitness Center.”

Nautilus Diner
“During challenging times, food is consistently well prepared. Staff is friendly and courteous.”

Crofton Bootcamp and Personal Training
“Hands down the most dedicated/effective trainer I have ever worked with. We moved and I had stopped going, but thanks to COVID she has brought her magic to Zoom and many of her customers who moved are coming back. She has a charisma that just translates to the classes and community she has built.”

Jazzercise Crofton
“Jazzercise Crofton is hands down the best fitness center around. The owner, Dawn Scalza, has gone above & beyond with keeping her staff and customers safe & healthy during these challenging COVID-19 times. Not only has she followed strict health guidelines mandated by the state, but she continues the “family feel” of her fitness center. Every single member is treated as if they are family. Dawn has even created an at home streaming option for customers that are not yet comfortable with coming to in-person classes. This fitness center excels in customer service, heathy safety regulations, and is all around a great place in which we are lucky to have right here in Crofton.”

Family Bike Shop
“During the early stages of the pandemic Family Bikes was able to stay open as a part of the transportion business. While this was positive, the supply could not keep up with the demand. There were no new bikes to be found. Many people were hunting around for those old bikes that were kept for “someday.” There was an overwhelming need for repairs so people could then use thier bikes again. Being isolated mearnt more walking and biking. Family bikes abided to all the rules of safety and kept doing the business of repairing any bike they could. LInes formed outside the store and sometimes tensions flared up, but the employees were always civil and never promised what they could not provide. They were in the hands of their own suppliers. The staff worked all hours, coming in early, staying late, and eventually had to “close” for three days to santize well and catch up on repairs. Even then they were working early and staying late Throughout the first six months or so, these guys worked thier hearts out for their customers. They continue to faithfully serve the community. Family Bikes is a small business embedded in the community with a love for Crofton and all its people. It is truly part of the “family” of Crofton.”

Cheaper Than A Geek
“Great Service.”

“The General Manager Tina has continued to provide her customers with impeccable customer service. She is always so positive and clearly enjoys serving the public and this year hasn’t changed her one bit. The meatloaf and tomato bisque soup are homemade and delicious and even when getting Togo you can taste the quality.”

Veterinary Housecall Service
“This amazing veterinary practice has gone above and beyond to remain open during Covid-19. Even during these trying times they have continued to treat my dogs in an exceptional, extremely competent and compassionate manner. In the spring when Covid-19 first began my eye doctor and dentist closed, but Veterinary Housecall remained open. I have two dogs with chronic illnesses who take many medications and eat prescription food. After the stay at home order was issued I received a call from them asking if I had enough medication and food on hand for my pups. They told me the practice were going to remain open, but if I needed something and couldn’t get there someone would bring it to me. Being a senior citizen I sincerely appreciated this courtesy. This practice has been treating my 2 dogs for the last 9 years and throughout that entire time the standard of veterinary care has always been extraordinarily high. My one dog has severe separation anxiety from his owners but everyone at this practice has gone out of their way to make him feel secure and his favorite tech Alex has gone the extra mile to help him. Over these many years there have been several emergencies and Veterinary Housecall somehow works their magic to not only see my pups immediately but to restore their health. There have been numerous times when Dr. Golden has stayed late just to treat my dogs and then follows-up with phone calls even on the weekends to check on them. I always say if I had a human doctor as good as my dog’s veterinarian I would be able to live to 100+.”

Crofton Yoga
“A huge variety of classes and highly trained teachers. Welcoming, friendly, and comfortable. Every class and workshop has been amazing. Addicting and life changing through body and mind. I have Multiple Sclerosis and they pay close attention. I would be fulltime wheelchair if I didn’t take these classes. Also great for pain relief and positive thinking. I love this studio and all it offers.”

Grande Family Chiropractic
“This year with everyone staying home more, many people have been feeling physically worse – joints, muscles, headaches. Dr. Grande opened and created a clean and welcoming environment to help people feel better. Even though I’ve been going for years, I’ve grown to appreciate them even more this year.”

NOSIRI Empowerment Center
“Once Maryland closed several businesses to slow the spread of Covid-19, many individuals looked for ways to adapt to working online. NOSIRI Empowerment Center was paromout in helping individuals who live in Maryland learn proper online etiquette, build online presentation skills and techniques, and navigate online video meeting effectiveness. Our promise to our clients was to keep them confident professionals during this time which requires resilience and strength.”

Honda Powersports of Crofton
“Throughout the pandemic, the staff and management has put customer safety first and still maintained high business standards of practice. They have taken Covid-19 very seriously while also ensuring that their staff doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.”

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