These 2 Companies Are Leading The Clean Wellness Movement

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The emerging clean wellness industry is about minimizing human exposure to harmful chemicals. AFP via Getty Images The clean beauty market has been growing immensely in recent years, with people demanding products that are free of toxic chemicals. According to experts, the Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the desire of […]

The clean beauty market has been growing immensely in recent years, with people demanding products that are free of toxic chemicals. According to experts, the Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the desire of conscious consumers to spend their money on companies who are committed to sustainability and social change. Here are two companies taking the lead in the emerging clean wellness movement. WTHN offers traditional healing methods including acupuncture and herbs. Genexa makes the only OTC medications that are free from allergens and other potentially harmful ingredients.


WTHN is a modern wellness brand that shares the ancient healing techniques of acupuncture, cupping, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine through its retail studios and a clean wellness boutique that carries their own products as well as others. After opening at the end of 2018, in their first year they earned revenue of over $2 million and gave over 5,000 people their first ever acupuncture treatment. They helped women trying to get pregnant, clients struggling with chronic pain and mental health issues, and more.

WTHN also sells organic herbal supplements for stress, sleep, and immunity-boosting on their website as well as through partners like Goop, Erewhon, and Standard Dose. As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the closure of the WTHN studio in Manhattan, the company has pivoted to expanding their online healing platform.

“We fundamentally believe that there is a broad shift happening in US healthcare right now toward preventative care,” says Michelle Larivee, the CEO and Cofounder of WTHN. “Health and wellness is defined by being proactive and not just seeing the doctor when you’re sick. It’s about more than just eating healthy and working out. It’s about knowing your body and mind and being empowered to make decisions that are right for you. The Covid-19 crisis has only increased the urgency around the need for more awareness of tools for preventative health.”

Laviree has worked in the healthcare industry for the last 15 years. But her journey to WTHN began with a personal health transformation. Six years ago, she had a ski accident that left her with chronic neck pain. After countless rounds of physical therapy and other treatments, she tried acupuncture and herbal medicine. Not only did they give her pain relief, but also she found herself sleeping better, less stressed, and with a stronger immune system that resulted in fewer sick days. She also credits the treatments with helping her get pregnant.

“The entrepreneurship journey is all about highs and lows and navigating those extremes, which can be exhausting,” says Laviree. “There is no boss or mentor or built-in comforts like in any other job I have had in the past, so a lot of self-reliance is required. One of the most helpful things I have done is to build out my own very strong support network that includes mentors, colleagues, other founders, and friends.”

2)  Genexa

Genexa makes clean, safe, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines using the same active ingredients as big brands but without the toxic, harmful ingredients. These medications include antacids, laxatives, pain relievers, and more. The products are available in more than 30,000 stores nationwide.

Along with business partner Max Spielberg, CEO David Johnson founded Genexa because as new fathers, they discovered that there were no clean medicines for their children to take. “We were shocked to find out that many oral medications contain a potential allergen and almost half contain ingredients like lactose, hard-to-digest sugars and more. We believed medicine could and should be made cleaner, so we decided to do something about it.”

 Johnson grew up in a healthy household with parents who were naturopathic physicians and used only clean, organic ingredients in everything from food to cleaning products. When he had his son, he therefore found it “extremely frustrating” to not be able to find medicines without ingredients like red dye no. 40 and sucrose. “Everyone deserves clean, safe medicine that works. Being able to provide that to consumers worldwide is my life’s purpose,” he says.

To aspiring changemakers and entrepreneurs, Johnson offers this advice. “Do the thing you can’t stop thinking about, even if you don’t know where to start. My partner and I weren’t scientists, pharmacists or doctors. We were two dads who believed there was a better way. A lot of doors were slammed in our faces, but we didn’t stop trying. We couldn’t stop thinking about what the world would look like if we could make another industry cleaner.”

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