Teach Your Child to Read, Write, Do Math With This Discounted App

Eufemia Didonato

Even before the mass move to virtual learning, school has always been difficult for some children; in the best of times, 32 percent of 4th-graders aren’t reading at the basic level. And now that most schools are online, kids—and the adults helping them through everything—are struggling with additional challenges.

Parents and guardians looking to make learning fun and easy can try a 12-month subscription to learn-to-read app Homer, which allows new students to personalize their education by meeting them exactly where they are in their instructive adventure.

Homer provides more than 1,000 lessons and activities customized for age, interests, and skill level, helping to remove some of the anxiety that comes with learning new material (especially during inherently stressful times). Lessons are researched and tested by kids, and approved by parents; users can expect an experience that is as fun as it is productive. Plus, the platform—which boasts material for ages two through eight—is ad-free and totally safe, so parents don’t need to worry about what their children are seeing online.

PCMag readers can snag a 12-month subscription to Homer – The No. 1 Learn-to-Read App for Kids for $38.99—67 percent off the MSRP. Opt out any time if you feel the quality of the material and education isn’t up to the standards of excellence your child deserves.

Prices are subject to change.

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