How a year of Covid wrecked Britons’ teeth

Early last August I was doing my civic duty and eating out to help out when, upon biting down on what should have been an innocuous cod steak, I heard an unwelcome crunch. It was my first meal out in what felt like a million years – a birthday lunch for a close friend – and […]

After pandemic year, weary world looks back

No one has been untouched. Not the Michigan woman who awakened one morning, her wife dead by her side. Not the domestic worker in Mozambique, her livelihood threatened by the virus. Not the North Carolina mother who struggled to keep her business and her family going amid rising anti-Asian ugliness. […]

‘We cannot make the same mistakes as last year’

Boris Johnson has promised that Britain’s lockdown exit strategy will be “cautious but irreversible”, insisting that he wants this third national lockdown to be the UK’s last.  The ‘stay at home’ message will be dropped and the Prime Minister has said that the priority for Britain’s exit strategy will be […]