What’s the buzz? Let’s talk about numbing ingredients

Photo: Bildagentur-online/Universal Images Group (Getty Images) When it comes to the sensory aspects food, we mostly consider characteristics like taste, texture, and temperature. But something we rarely talk about is the physical feeling it leaves us with, and when we do, it’s typically regarding spiciness. The sensation we don’t discuss […]

We Need to Talk About the Puppet Baby in ‘Annette’

Eufemia Didonato

Despite what you may have heard online, Leos Carax’s Annette—available on Amazon Prime now—is not a sexy movie musical about Adam Driver generously singing while performing simulated oral sex on Marion Cotillard. This does happen, and that’s important. But it is even more important to know that actually, Annette is […]

Clubhouse App Creates Space for Open Talk in Middle East

Eufemia Didonato

Clubhouse policy bans users from recording conversations without participants’ consent, but the company says it temporarily records audio for investigating reports of policy violations. It has not specified who can listen to such recordings, or when. A Clubhouse spokeswoman declined to comment. Yet something about the spontaneous, intimate nature of […]

How to talk to your children about voting and politics

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CLOSE What history has shown us about contested elections and peaceful transitions of power. USA TODAY While parents watch the electoral map, children watch their parents. They’re observing how the adults around them talk about the election. They’ve been paying attention to whether or not family members voted and who they voted for. […]

20 medical experts with kids talk about Halloween plans.

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Anchiy | E+ | Getty Images Parents everywhere are grappling with how to make the most of Halloween during the pandemic. The guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asks families to take precautions if they trick-or-treat outdoors by carrying hand sanitizer, setting up stations with individually bagged […]

Brad Pitt Denies Scamming Woman With Talk of Marriage

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WENN The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ actor, through his lawyer, has vehemently denied allegations that the Oscar-nominated star duped a woman in Texas with talk of marriage. AceShowbiz – Brad Pitt‘s lawyer has distanced the Oscar winner from allegations suggesting he scammed a Texas woman out of cash […]