Here’s Why Wintertime Bad Breath Happens

If you live in an area that gets colder during the winter, it’s probably not hard to imagine walking home, wrapped in a coat, with puffs of your breath visible in the cold air. Though you can sometimes see your breath in the wintertime, you probably don’t want to smell […]

Here’s a list of all the winners

Caller-Times 2021 Best of the Best The wait is over. It’s time to celebrate this year’s top businesses in the Corpus Christi area! What is the Caller-Times Best of the Best? Since 1997, the Caller-Times has held an annual readers’ choice contest to determine the best businesses and people in […]

No one cares how you look on Zoom. Here’s why

Eufemia Didonato

I clicked on the Zoom invitation and was taken to a black screen. Moments later, I heard a voice: “Michael, what’s up?” For the next 30 minutes, my friend Austin Belcak and I talked in darkness about life and career advice. Prior to wrapping up the call, I asked him about not […]