Dental experts warn against DIY braces TikTok trend

Millions of people have watched TikTok videos on DIY braces and tooth gap trends. Now medical experts urge users not to do any procedure themselves. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Scroller beware when advice is offered with a quick medical fix. Orthodontists and dentists are combatting videos online of misinformation and even […]

Should You Pay For Your Kid’s College? Experts Weigh In

Eufemia Didonato

SDI Productions / College is so expensive that most parents can’t possibly afford to pay for it — but if they can, should they? “There are decent arguments to be made both for and against parents paying their children’s tuition,” said Giovanni Braghieri, CEO and co-founder of MyConsultingCoach. “On […]

How 5 vaccinated experts live their lives

Eufemia Didonato

To help fill in the blanks, The Washington Post asked five public health/infectious-diseases experts how they have navigated risk — and how their own lives have changed since getting inoculated. They all said they continue to take precautions, wearing masks and social distancing in public. All drew their lines in […]

How to Use a Dental Dam for Oral Sex, According to Experts

Eufemia Didonato

During sex ed in school—if you even had sex ed—there’s a good chance the big takeaway was something like this: Use condoms on penises during intercourse, or else your hookup will result in a sexually-transmitted infection and/or unplanned pregnancy and/or death. (For further reference, see Mean Girls.) The problem with […]

Riskiest Places You Shouldn’t Go Now, Warn Experts

Eufemia Didonato

As soon as lockdown lifted and states started reopening, the question on most people’s minds was the same: What are the riskiest places when it comes to potential COVID-19 infection? Nonprofit journalism outlet CivicMeter conducted a survey of 27 epidemiologists, asking them to rate the risk of contracting COVID-19 at […]

What mental health experts will do differently

Eufemia Didonato

Lockdown 3.0 is upon us, and it feels all too familiar. There’s no firm end date to this set of national restrictions, but we’ve been warned it will last until mid-February at least, and possibly into March – which is fairly misery-inducing, considering the added cold and darkness to make […]