We’re so cheap, we reuse the coffee grounds

Doug Spade, Mike Clement and Major. We’re cheapskates. In fact, if you look up that word in the dictionary, you’ll find our mugs plastered there. Not our faces. Our mugs. The ones we drink coffee out of every morning. With “cheap” scrawled on one of them and the other bearing […]

A woman who overdosed on enough caffeine powder to make 56 cups of coffee was hospitalized for a week, and doctors say her birth control didn’t help

Eufemia Didonato

pure caffeine Kevin Loria/Business Insider Caffeine, a stimulant in coffee and tea, can be dangerous or fatal in large amounts. Caffeine supplements can be especially risky since pills or powders are highly concentrated.  In a recent case study, a 26-year-old woman went to intensive care for a week after overdosing […]