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New Westminster, Canada, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. announces the launch of website. In celebration of this major event, Small Business Rescuer is giving new business members two customized websites for free when they register for YourRescued program. Small Business Rescuer […]

New Westminster, Canada, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. announces the launch of website. In celebration of this major event, Small Business Rescuer is giving new business members two customized websites for free when they register for YourRescued program.

Small Business Rescuer invented a simple, easy to use, marketing system, that helps Small Business owners generate new revenue quickly. The system accomplishes this by leveraging assets that the business already has. It’s an affordable, easy to manage marketing system that doesn’t cost the small business money, it makes the business money immediately. Small Businesses benefit from the simplicity of the YourRescued Marketing System. Details can be found on the website:

The Authorized Health Center is an incentive gift that is of high perceived value. The gift is a Free lifetime membership to Simplized Health. The Simplized Health incentive has the unique ability to become a source of new revenue for the referring small business. It works for Hair Salons, Chiropractors, Dentists, Car Dealers, Nail Salons, Fitness Centers, Personal Coaches, Dry Cleaners, Entrepreneurs, Coffee Shops and any service related small business. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including travel incentive certificates and other high value incentives that allow businesses to subtly increase the average dollar spend by existing customers.

Delivery is easy as small business members are provided with a customized URL that allows the customers to activate their certificates online without assistance. The members only training and support website for small business owners offers training and support materials, live trainings featuring recognized industry experts.

Dori O’Neill, President CEO, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of the Authorized Health Centers for Small Business concept. Upon opening the new site, Dori had this to say about the program. “YourRescued represents an affordable, all inclusive local, regional and national marketing program for small businesses that leverage their existing assets. YourRescued enhances incentive marketing by not only offering participating, YourRescued small business members the use of a variety of incentive certificates that are used as a tool, to upsell existing customers for additional services or products, they create an instant revenue burst. The incentive certificate program features a variety of certificates including, Free Hotel And Airfare incentives to discounted meals.

YourRescued Members also have free access to a members only support and training area. Inside is a large assortment of training and support materials. Topics range from website best practices, email marketing to advanced SEO, new customer acquisition strategies, Google and Facebook Marketing and more. Delivery is in the form of Video Training, PDFs, Workbooks and online quizzes. Built into the members area is an interactive chat feature that gives small business members the opportunity to post questions and interact with other business members, and members of the YourRescued team.

In addition to the online members only training and support site, small business members are invited to live online events, where they’ll hear from industry experts on local marketing, online marketing, viral marketing, healthcare professionals, legal and accounting on topics all designed to help small businesses keep up with the latest regulations and marketing trends. This service is provided free and is designed to eliminate or reduce the need to hire outside consultants. This has the potential to save small business owners thousands of dollars per year.

The cornerstone product is the Authorized Health Center giveaway. This program represents a paradigm shift, as it’s used as a giveaway, incentive. Unlike normal incentive giveaway programs, this program creates a new and separate passive revenue stream. The most powerful element of this program is that once a YourRescued Small Business member invites one of their customers to join for FREE the Authorized Health Center membership, the referring small businesses involvement ends. The support and marketing comes from the Authorized Health center team. The referring small business is able to put 100% of their focus on running their existing business.

The dedicated team at Authorized Health, supports and encourages the referring business’s customers to purchase products to support the individual members health goals. When a sale is made a varying commission (average 20%) is paid to the original referring small business. The products are consumable. The referring small business member’s customer is hardcoded to them for life. If at anytime that customer makes a purchase, a commission will be paid to the original referring small business provided they’re a member in good standing with the YourRescued program.

Built into the plan is the ability for a small business to invite other small businesses to the program. When that happens the referring small business member earns additional commissions from the activity of the small business member they referred to the YourRescued program. This has the potential to trigger a viral effect as the commissions paid to the referring small business will include the customers of the referred small business. This element has the potential to expand the originating referring small business’s customer base. Its possible this could result in additional revenue for the original referring small business.

Currently the value of the package is in excess of $14,997. During the launch the entire package available for an investment of less than $200 and a minimum monthly ongoing product investment of less than $99.00:

“Small businesses are often the after-thought when it comes to government and big business support. YourRescued is designed to provide resources, value and new revenue to Small businesses without high cost and offers instant results. The YourRescued motto is “It doesn’t cost Money, It makes Small Business Owners Money”. YourRescued allows the small business owner to maintain focus on running the business and while at the same time using a simple incentive program to potentially generate a new revenue that’s growth is supported by the YourRescued team.”

People looking for a new innovative marketing concept are encouraged to take a look at the Authorized Center, Small Business YourRescued program website at


Name: Dori ONeill
Organization: Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc.
Address: 1185 Quayside Drive Apt 1903, New Westminster, BC V3M 6T8, Canada
Phone: +1-833-829-6864

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