Rockwood and Normandy schools send students to virtual learning ahead of winter break

Eufemia Didonato

ST. LOUIS – Changes are coming to the Rockwood School District and Normandy Schools Collaborative.

Rockwood schools are taking a couple of days off to prevent COVID spread and quarantining ahead of the winter break.

The students have been having in-person classes, but Monday, December 21 and Tuesday, December 22 in-person learners will stay home and have virtual classes.

Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles says their mitigation efforts have worked well despite the challenges that come with them.

They are giving parents a heads up so they can make arrangements. Students attending classes in-person go back to school from the winter break Monday, January 4. 

Students in the Normandy Schools Collaborative will have all online classes starting Monday, December 7.

Pre-k through fifth grade students will be the ones making the switch. The students in higher grade levels were already taking online classes since the beginning of the year.

Staff will be sending home tablets, chromebooks, and other materials needed for the elementary school students to work virtually.

As far as their return from the winter break, they are still monitoring the situation before they decide how they will begin the spring semester. 

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