Nine digital gifts on sale that don’t need shipping

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1. StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access MSRP: $1,495 | Discount: 96% | Sale price: $59 StackSkills is a premier eLearning platform for mastering today’s most in-demand skills. By gifting this deal, you give someone lifetime access to 1,000+ StackSkill courses so that they have the chance to learn about everything from […]

1. StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access


MSRP: $1,495 | Discount: 96% | Sale price: $59

StackSkills is a premier eLearning platform for mastering today’s most in-demand skills. By gifting this deal, you give someone lifetime access to 1,000+ StackSkill courses so that they have the chance to learn about everything from blockchain to growth hacking and iOS development. Access to StackSkills is perfect for anyone who wants to earn a promotion, make a career change or pick up a side hustle to earn some extra cash.

2. XSplit VCam: Lifetime Subscription (Windows)


MSRP: $49 | Discount: 59% | Sale price: $20

At its core, XSplit VCam offers professional-level background replacement, removal and blurring that’s possible with any webcam and without the need for expensive green screens, complicated lighting setups and tons of space. In other words, this software is perfect for anyone who wants to start streaming video games or constantly needs to make video calls for work. The bokeh effect this camera produces also allows users to maintain privacy, improve the quality of their streams or video calls and hide messy rooms.

3. Mashvisor: Lifetime Subscription


MSRP: $1,499 | Discount: 97% | Sale price: $40

For real estate investors or managers, Mashvisor is your one-stop site to find lucrative traditional or Airbnb properties. Mashvisor turns three months of research into 15 minutes of work thanks to its algorithm-based projections and reliable sourcing. Say goodbye to the endless searching and exhausting spreadsheets, and say hello to the real estate data you actually need to find investment opportunities in every city area across the country with Mashvisor.

4. The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone


MSRP: $744 | Discount: 75% | Sale price: $179

This bundle features three lifetime subscriptions to well-rated apps, including Rosetta Stone, 12min Micro Book Library and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. Rosetta Stone is one of the best language-learning solutions on the market today, and this deal gets you access to all 24 languages offered by Rosetta Stone for life. Alongside that, this bundle helps you complete and understand impactful books in as little as 12 minutes with 12min Micro Book Library, an online library of hundreds of books in text and narrative form. This service distills books into 12-minute listens or reads, which you can power through in the same amount of time it takes you to walk the dog, cook a meal, or commute to work. Lastly, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited provides you with a massive selection of servers from around the world, a wide variety of VPN security protocols and much more to keep your sensitive information utterly safe whenever you’re online.

5. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: Lifetime Subscription


MSRP: $600 | Discount: 93% | Sale price: $40

Anyone can take their writing to the next level with WhiteSmoke. This writing solution enhances digital communication skills in five distinct ways. The online software helps users detect and correct grammar errors, check and prevent typos and other spelling mistakes, identify stylistic errors in one’s writing, correct less-obvious to confusing punctuation mistakes and even lets one translate texts into over 50 languages. In other words, WhiteSmoke not only corrects simple errors but also helps one’s writing style, tone and clarity — all through advancements made in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technologies.

6. Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan: Lifetime Subscription


MSRP: $4,320 | Discount: 96% | Sale price: $150

Degoo is a cloud backup system that helps everyone, from photographers and designers to remote learners and workers, stay on top of their digital assets. This specific backup plan offers 15TB of cloud storage and end-to-end encryption on unlimited devices at an incredibly fair price. As Degoo users create and edit digital files throughout the day, whether that’s for work, a creative hobby or school, Degoo instantly backs up those files to the cloud thanks to its automatic file change detection system. That means users can go about their day without interruption and rest easy knowing that any new files or file versions have a secure home outside their local directory.

7. Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages)


MSRP: $399 | Discount: 50% | Sale price: $199

Babbel makes the process of picking up another language intuitive and rewarding. Users can choose from 14 available language options and master them conveniently through bite-sized lessons that fit into their busy schedules. Babbel’s speech recognition technology helps users refine their pronunciation and gives tips for enunciating words properly. That’s particularly useful for individuals who don’t have anyone else with whom to practice speaking. Babbel also provides you with personalized review sessions that reinforce what you learn so that it sticks for good.

8. The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro & Luminar 4


MSRP: $1,266 | Discount: 94% | Sale price: $70

The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro & Luminar 4 is a great way for any Mac user to score 12 award-winning apps for a fraction of their original cost. This bundle is jam-packed with excellent apps for productivity, fun and self-enrichment. This deal provides access to Parallel Pros, for example, a program that empowers users to run Windows 10 on their Macs without compromising performance or rebooting. In other words, users can run native Windows programs or even games on their Macs without risking any damage to their devices or software. Similarly, this bundle comes with Luminar 4, the world’s first AI-powered photo editor. Unlike very hands-on photo editing apps like Photoshop, this program enables photographers of any skill level to edit photos at scale quickly. In addition to those two featured apps, this deal also includes a dynamic PDF editor, a well-rated VPN, a robust calendar, a must-have screen recorder, a language-learning solution and so much more.

9. Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App (Lifetime Subscription)


MSRP: $449 | Discount: 66% | Sale price: $150

Anyone who wants to experience a happier and healthier life will enjoy having Jillian Michaels as their personal fitness coach and this deal makes that possible. A lifetime subscription to Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App offers users convenient access to 800+ workout exercises shot in HD and covers all fitness ranges, from beginner to advanced, with various types of exercises. The app, which has a 4.7/5-star rating on the App Store and a 4.5/5-star rating on Google Play from thousands of reviews, also includes audio-only meditations and an advanced meal planner system for a holistic approach to fitness.

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