Is Koretrak Smartwatch worth the Hype? Koretrak Smartwatch Review by Quality Performance Limited

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02/02/2021, Clifton, NJ // KISSPR // In the world, today, being healthy and fit matters so much. Obesity is unhealthy so everybody wants to be healthy and physically fit. However, it is difficult trying to achieve this all yourself. Many have tried and failed but what about you? Wanna track […]

02/02/2021, Clifton, NJ // KISSPR //

In the world, today, being healthy and fit matters so much. Obesity is unhealthy so everybody wants to be healthy and physically fit.

However, it is difficult trying to achieve this all yourself.

Many have tried and failed but what about you?

Wanna track the calories you burned during a walk? Good luck guessing that

Or maybe you want to do the 10,000 steps a day practice, how do you plan on counting that? With your phone? That’s not the best option.

Owing to this, there have been lots of innovations to help you keep track of all these.

One of such innovations is the everyday smartwatch.

These devices originally appeared in 2007 and have just gotten more and more popular over time.

As innovation progressed, we got newer and newer features but unfortunately, prices also gradually increased up to the point where buying a decent smartwatch is like a mini-investment.

For quite a while, these overrated models were the main game around.

However, a few outliers exist, companies and brands who believe they can carve out a share of the $20 Billion dollar smartwatch market by not only offering a cool smartwatch but also offering it at an outrageously low price.

One such brand is the Koretrak smartwatch and that is the device we will be looking at in this article.

This is a smartwatch that aims to get the important health features of top-name brands right on your wrist, for a fraction of the price.

In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of this device, its features, and benefits, and if we think it’s right for you.

After reading this article, you will be fully equipped to know if the koretrack wearable smartwatch is something you’d like to own or not.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

What is KoreTrak?

When cell phones initially came out, the capacity to have such a large number of various applications and different projects available to the user was a significant preferred position. What began as only a few unique models 10 years back has currently assumed control over most phones today. Be that as it may, that is not where the headways have halted.

Items like the Fitbit and other wearable types of savvy innovation have gotten fundamental for any individual who’s attempting to get fit as a fiddle and keep up their physical activity. Despite the fact that these structures were initially costly when they came out, the shared characteristics have made them more reasonable. Instead of using up every last cent on one of these structures that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for staying aware of the pulse, KoreTrack offers a compelling and smooth plan that effectively incorporates any way of life.

KoreTrak Provides continuous readings of various exercise-related information, which incorporates the observing of the pulse while taking part in cardio or essentially strolling around town. Individuals can follow various kinds of sports information, and the watch will record each and every calorie that is burnt while it is on. Significant measurements like blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and pulse can be perused in merely 10 seconds, and this data is then spared to transfer to the individual’s telephone with a Bluetooth connection.

Individuals similarly get notices on their watch in the similar way that a conventional smartwatch works. For whatever length of time that their cell phone is within range, the entirety of the

Writings and calls will appear on the watch to permit them to choose if they have to react or proceed with their physical movement.

Alongside the capacity to record significant wellbeing information while the individual is conscious, this gadget additionally monitors information while they’re resting. Buyers can check whether their pulse hops, if their breathing eases back, and more while wearing the watch around evening time. In view of the delicate material, it won’t be awkward to wear it every day.

The customizable lash guarantees that this watch fits individuals easily through the entirety of their exercises. The bands offer waterproof packaging and can be matched with some other frills.

While being focused on its health monitoring and fitness tracking, KoreTrak smartwatch is designed elegantly to avoid looking like an exercise only watch. It could undoubtedly be worn as an everyday watch if you wish to.

What is so unique about Koretrak?

Whether you are unable to get enough exercise or suffering from a health crisis, this watch is a ticket to your fitness and takes your life back from inactivity.

It is set out to make your exercising experience much better. The KoreTrak smartwatch seeks to put your health and fitness routine in order while helping you achieve your goal on a daily basis.

This smartwatch synchronizes with your Android or iOS smartphone and allows you to connect with others and your body like never before. No matter what fitness regime you set to accomplish, Koretrak watch helps you to maximize your activity and tracks your everyday progress.

It not only makes it possible to send text messages or make phone calls, but it also counts calories and steps along with measuring your heart rate and blood circulation. Compared to other similar watches from leading brands, Koretrack has a broader range of functionalities for users at an unbeatable price.

Koretrak smartwatch offers all these features while still keeping its interface simple and easy to understand at a glance. Nevertheless, it comes in a stylish design that fits all. It can pass for an everyday wearable because of how good it looks.

This watch is indeed one that offers all you need to help you keep track of all the little wins you make in your fitness quest.

Before you get tempted to place an order, let us first walk through the specifications, benefits, and customer feedback on Koretrak.

Features Of KoreTrak

Key features on KoreTrack include:

  • States Real-time exercise:This watch takes only about 10 seconds to measure your health parameters. So you are getting results almost immediately.
  • Monitors Health and heart monitoring:It has sensors that give you a real-time measurement of your health status on the go.
  • Notifies you about your smartphone
  • Tracks your sleep: KoreTrak smartwatch tracks your sleeping pattern and gives you pointers to make you sleep better and feel rejuvenated.
  • The number of steps:As a fitness tracker, KoreTrak keeps a record of how many steps you take each day.
  • Calorie monitoring:Using the record it has, this smartwatch can calculate the estimated amount of calories lost during a period.
  • Water Resistant:It is made to function in any weather condition or environment. Hence, it can be worn during any exercise or activity.
  • Long standby battery:In order to pull through hours of constant usage, the smartwatch has been equipped with a good and long-lasting battery.

Technical Features of Koretrak fitness tracker

Display: Full-Color LCD Screen with Touch button key operation

Sensors: G-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring

Memory: Up to 7 Days of data storage.

Battery: Direct USB Charging

Waterproof Rating: IP67 Waterproof

How Does KoreTrak Work?

KoreTrak works like different wellnesstrackers. You charge the gadget, wear it on your wrist, at that point associate it to your cell phone. The smartwatch utilizes a mix of on-board sensors and telephone sensors to follow your wellbeing and health information.

KoreTrak doesn’t have its own GPS, so it utilizes your telephone’s GPS to follow your area and development. Be that as it may, the watch appears to have a heart rate screen, which implies it can follow your heart rate without depending on your telephone’s sensors.

Once on your wrist, it continually measures your heart rate and other parameters to keep you updated on your current health status.

Subsequent to charging KoreTrack, you download the KoreTrack application to your Android or iPhone cell phone. The application is like another wellbeing following application, giving you an essential understanding of your wellbeing and health. You can see day by day and week after week progress by means of the application, for instance, and track your rest.

Basically, it will serve as a bank where all your fitness progress would be stored to be called upon for future use. With KoreTrak smartwatch, all you have to do is focus on meeting your daily goals while it does the computing for you. This way you will enjoy your exercising sessions better and fuel your desire towards your fitness goal.

Benefits of KoreTrak

Here is how KoreTrak is giving the big brands a run for their money. KoreTrak was intended to consolidate all the best parts of large brand smartwatches and wellness trackers, giving it a really amazing scope of highlights/features.

Here’s only a little see of what KoreTrak can do:

Help Keep You Healthy and Fit– KoreTrak gives you significant bits of knowledge into your body and heart, so you can settle on shrewd choices about your wellbeing.

Get Fit Faster– With applications intended to track and record your exercises, KoreTrack pushes you to remain dynamic and encourages you to improve.

Pound Your Goals– KoreTrack stores every one of your information and permits you to set day to day objectives and follow your advancement consistently.

Show signs of improved Sleep– The KoreTrak application tracks your rest design so you can show signs of improvement at night’s rest and feel more invigorated in the first part of the day.

Remain Connected– KoreTrak lets you read your messages and check who’s calling with a look at your wrist, so you can remain associated while you’re working out.

Go Anywhere– KoreTrak has a tough solace wristband, a throughout the day battery, and a waterproof packaging. You can wear it in the downpour or sun, while you’re running or swimming.

Pros And Cons


  • It allows you to set your daily goals
  • Has onboard sensors to monitor your health status
  • With koretrak, you always stay connected
  • It is durable as well as comfortable to wear
  • This smartwatch is waterproof


What Does KoreTrak Do?

The reason for KoreTrak is to offer both capacities as a smartwatch and as a wellness tracker.

While it offers the entirety of indistinguishable operational capacities from a smartwatch, it likewise records different biometric highlights about the body as it is worn.

In this regard, KoreTrack may introduce itself as a less expensive option in contrast to a portion of the main smartwatches and wellness devices in the business, including the Apple Watch and the FitBit.

How can KoreTrak be utilized?

The face of the KoreTrak watch offers a touch screen permitting users to choose any of the controls to get past the distinctive applications. This watch works the same as any smartwatch, it despite everything keeps on tracking information about the body. Hence, it doubles as both a smartwatch and wellness tracker.

Who Is KoreTrak Smartwatch For?

The short answer is everybody. However, let me be specific.

This watch is a good fit for someone who wants to take their health and fitness as a priority. It helps you set and achieve your goals.

It is also ideal for those who appreciate functionality during workout sessions. The KoreTrak smartwatch almost eliminates the need to look at your phone while exercising.

Update: The Koretrak watch Is Currently on sale for a massive discount. Find out more at the end of the post.

Planning With KoreTrak Smartwatch

This watch is all about relieving you of certain duties. Once set, it takes over tracking your progress and such. One of the special features of KoreTrak is the ability to let you set up your workout/exercise goals.

Without much stress, you can set goals like the number of calories to expend in a day or the number of steps you want to walk in a day. This is extremely helpful as you no more have to rack your brain trying to keep up with every goal you’ve set for yourself.

Not only will it take your mind off worrying about every goal you’ve set, but it will also take over tracking your progress. Again, this will make you able to focus on just crushing your workout goals.

KoreTrak fitness smartwatch serves as your fitness manager. It keeps tabs on you and gives you insights on how to improve your physical health.

During a workout session, you just want to check how well you’re doing on your fitness smartwatch and a complicated interface will keep pissing you off every time. For a wholesome and stress-free experience, KoreTrak smartwatch shows your progress in such a simple way that you’ll get all the statistics at a glance.

Should You Get a KoreTrak Smartwatch?

As a survey, you could just stroll into a store to check out the fitness smartwatch sold there. You’d come to find a whole lot of other brands that do the same thing as KoreTrak but there’s one deciding factor. The price.

Sure, some of these features might not be exclusive to KoreTrak smartwatch but they make it available to you at a much lower price. This is understandable because the sellers of this smartwatch deal with customers directly unlike many other brands.

As you already know, when buying a popular smartwatch you’re paying for their large marketing campaigns and advertisement. Only a fraction of that is the actual cost of the watch.

So if you’re a fitness enthusiast, KoreTrak is here to offer you functionality and ease of use instead of a big name. With time, you’d come to love wearing a less popular smartwatch (with a top-notch design) that offers you all you’d ever need.

By the time you compare and contrast, the picture will come together. Why pay more for something you can get for less? To put things in perspective, take a look at what others had to say.

KoreTrak Customer Reviews

Gina H.- Thiswas exactly what I needed to get back into exercising! It’s really satisfyingwatching the step counter and calorie tracker tick up every day. I never take it off! Yes, I recommend this product.

Edward L.- Must-have for runners! Now I can see how far I’ve run and checked my heart rateat any time. The messages feature is nice too, it’s a lot less distracting than pulling out my phone every time someone sends me a text. Yes, I recommend this product.

Jennifer Q.- Lovewearing this at the gym. It’s great being able to see how my workout isgoing. Controls are easy to learn, fits really comfortably, and gives accurate readings. Yes, I recommend this product.

Natalie A., New York- Itmight sound silly, but this thing really lights a fire under you! Having allmy stats right there on my wrist is great motivation to get up off the couch and do something active. I think I finally found a way to trick my brain into liking exercise!

Jeff R, New Jersey- Itworks great! I like being able to see how I’m improving. Since I startedworking out more regularly my resting heart rate and blood pressure have gone down, and the quality of my sleep has improved a lot. It’s nice having proof that I’m on the right track.

Tony S., Washington- Ilove my KoreTrak, it definitely pushes me to work a little harder at thegym. Just when I think I’ve hit that wall and I should call it a day, I’ll notice I’ve only burned 500 calories and decide to push it for 100 more. Nice design, fit comfortably, an all-around great fitness tracker.

Update: The Koretrak watch Is Currently on sale for a massive discount.

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KoreTrak Fitness Smartwatch Vs Others

As already said multiple times in this review article, KoreTrak smartwatch rivals the big names in the smartwatch industry when it comes to functionality.

In my opinion, it is better than most smartwatches out there because of how essential they can become to your fitness routine. Unlike many other brands, it offers you multifunctionality presented through a very simple interface.

In essence, its ease of use is almost unparalleled in the market. Right there on your wrist, you have a smartwatch with so much stuffed into it but at the same time so simple that even a child can operate it.

Moreover, all these are been given to you on a platter of gold. With KoreTrak you’re not buying brand name rather features and benefits. As you’ve already seen, this all-round fitness tracker is sold for just a fraction of the cost of many others out there.

Frequently Asked Questions About KoreTrak

KoreTrak is somewhat not quite the same as different smartwatches right now available. It may be difficult for buyers to get impartial data about this new gadget, even with the assets accessible on the official item site. This area will answer the absolute most ordinarily posed inquiries that buyers have about KoreTrak.

Is KoreTrak a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

Both! KoreTrak combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband.

Is KoreTrak waterproof or water-safe?

For the most part, yes. This watch can securely be submerged and up to 1 meter of water, and it has an IP67 rating. In any case, we, by and large, suggest that purchasers be mindful about lowering any gadget in water–paying little heed to its water obstruction rating. A few gadgets might be mislabeled or given a higher score than they merit.

Can KoreTrak be utilized close to the phone?

Yes, but just for as long as seven days. The watch is intended to store information for as long as seven days of data. When the watch is close to the telephone once more and can interface by means of Bluetooth, the entirety of this information will be transferred to the gadget.

What color alternatives do customers have for KoreTrak?

On the site, the main color included is dark. While the makers expressed that there is a wristband customization unit accessible on the checkout screen that offers various colors to pick from, this choice doesn’t appear to be accessible at the present time.

What cell phones are perfect with KoreTrak?

KoreTrak can be connected to either Apple or Android gadgets. In any case, a Bluetooth association is required to transfer the information.

Is KoreTrak a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

Both! KoreTrak combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband.

How do I control KoreTrak?

KoreTrak has a touchpad with intuitive one-touch controls that makes it easy to navigate through apps.

Can I go swimming with my KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is IP67 waterproof, meaning it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. We do not recommend diving or prolonged swimming with KoreTrak.

Can I use KoreTrak if I don’t have my phone on me?

Yes, KoreTrak can store data for up to 7 days on its own. It will automatically synchronize with your phone the next time it comes within the Bluetooth range.

Price of a Koretrak

This device can be gotten at an affordable price, which probably explains the uptick in demand. The cost of a koretrak smartwatch today is $76.85,which is a fair price for such a feature-rich smartwatch.

Update: The Koretrak watch Is Currently on sale for a massive discount.

<50% Off – Click here to get your own Koretrak Smartwatch directly from the official
website at 50% off – Discount Ends Soon>

Where To Buy The KoreTrak Smartwatch

The best place to buy a Koretrak watch is directly from the official site (don’t worry, the button at the end of the article takes you to koretrak’s official site).

This is so you don’t end up purchasing a counterfeit product and also enjoy any available discounts the retailer might be offering at that time.

There are also multiple payment options available on the official site, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc.

Your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Also purchasing from the official website ensures that you are protected with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

According to the sellers, The Koretrak 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to request a full refund (less S&H) within 30 days of buying one of these products. Your 30 days will start on the date that the product ships to your home. The company asks that the product be in good and like-new condition and have the original packaging.

Final Thoughts

Koretrak allows its users to always be aware of their wellbeing at any time of the day, whether you are active and exercising or when sleeping, as long as you’ve got your watch worn.

With KoreTrak You Pay for Quality, Not the Brand Name – Go into any gadgets store and you’ll discover wellness trackers and smartwatches that do very similar things KoreTrak does, however, they cost up to fourfold the amount.

That is on the grounds that these large brands factor in everything to the cost of their device. The cost of their fancy stores, fancy ads with celebrity endorsements, etc. is all paid for by you, the consumers when you purchase an overpriced device.

KoreTrak on the other hand sells directly to consumers through the internet.

No fancy office,

No elaborate advertising campaigns

No celebrity endorsements.

All these mean you get the best possible price available for any smartwatch of this quality.

The trend for “not too popular high-quality brands” is gradually catching on.

More and more people are scooping up the Koretrak watch each day, choosing koretrak over other over-priced alternatives.

In case you’re Looking for an Affordable Way to Improve Your Health and Exercise More Efficiently, Koretrak is a really good option. Click the link below to get yours.

<50% Off – Click here to get your own Koretrak Smartwatch directly from the official
website at 50% off – Discount Ends Soon>

Who is the manufacturer of the Koretrak Smartwatch and How do I Contact Them?

You can contact KoreTrak by means of the following:

Support Page:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone:(US and Canada): 609-414-7087

Telephone:(UK and Ireland): 08708 200084

Telephone:(Australia and New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316

Postage information: Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Quality Performance Limited

377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

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