I Can’t Believe ‘Bachelorette’ Tayshia Adams Let Another Fan Fave Go Home

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From Women’s Health Tayshia Adams’ journey to find love in the Bachelorette bubble in Palm Springs, CA, is a mere two hours from her final one. There are sparks flying and deep convos happening around La Quinta. (Sure it’s all about the conversation in the Fantasy Suites.) Her remaining two […]

From Women’s Health

Tayshia Adams’ journey to find love in the Bachelorette bubble in Palm Springs, CA, is a mere two hours from her final one. There are sparks flying and deep convos happening around La Quinta. (Sure it’s all about the conversation in the Fantasy Suites.) Her remaining two (possibly three) suitors are so in love with Tayshia and are ready for the next step.

This week, the decision making was somewhat out of Tayshia’s hands. One beloved bachelor opted to head home after some self-reflection leaving Tayshia, and fans, in tears. That all went down before the roses came out. Plus, Tayshia has yet to decide if a surprise declaration of love from Ben Smith is enough to bring him back. (FYI Zac Clark, Ivan Hall, and maybe Ben Smith are along for the journey.)

Here’s the list of all the dudes who Tayshia sent packing on The Bachelorette last night (a.k.a. your official rose ceremony tracker).

Fantasy Suites:

Brendan Morais

How do you make a recently divorced young man feel comfortable about a speedy proposal on a reality TV show? Well, it’s certainly NOT shopping for Neil Lane diamonds in front of millions like Brendan Morais and Tayshia did on their day date. During dinner, Brendan explained his inner turmoil and opted to go home on his own. Tayshia was visibly heartbroken.


Ben Smith

Ben Smith brought his sister and close friend for the unconventional hometowns week, and it seemed like the date went well. But, Tayshia ended up sending him home in a heartbreaking rose ceremony before Ben was able to say, “I love you.”

Week 10:

Bennett Jordan

Getting the boot on the two-on-one date wasn’t enough, Bennett returned for one more convo and rose ceremony before Tayshia sent him home. He popped over to the Men Tell All special, but won’t be returning to The Bachelorette. (Btw he appears to be doing just fine in his post-Bachelorette life.)

Blake Moynes

It turns out only Blake was feeling charged on their one-on-one date. Tayshia cut the hang time short after a session of crystals and tantric yoga, sending him home on the spot. It was the start of her teary goodbyes.

Riley Christian

Sending this attorney back to New York was clearly difficult for Tayshia. She broke down as she explained he wasn’t the one. Riley reflected on the journey on Instagram: “It’s not the happy ending that I’d hoped for, but it was certainly a fairy tale experience.”

Noah Erb

After a dramatic stay, Noah’s time in the bubble was up. He made it through the two-on-one date, but not much farther with Tayshia. She didn’t give him a rose during the rose ceremony and sent him home before hometowns. (Noah went back to his job as a traveling nurse and has been working in COVID-19 ICU around the country.)

Week 9:

Spencer Robertson

He started out so strong with the First Impression Rose, then faded into the background. Not everything has a rosy ending, so Tayshia opted to send Spencer home during the rose ceremony.

Demar Jackson

Ah, he sang so sweetly about his connection with Tayshia last week. “She stole my breath on the hottest summer day…” But, that wasn’t enough to keep Demar, a.k.a. DJ, around.

Ed Waisbrot

The CVS Health account exec has been at the center of cringe-worthy feuds for weeks, and finally Tayshia sent him packing. Tbd if his prone-to-popping-out shoulders can handle the rejection.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Week 8:

Eazy Nwachukwu

Uzoma “Eazy” Nwachukwu scored quality time with the leading lady in the form of a spooky one-on-one date. Unfortunately, it took a turn when he told Tayshia he’s falling in love with her. The expression, or lack of expression, on her face said it all. The sports marketing agent didn’t get a rose and left with his pre-packed suitcase.

Week 7:

Joe Park

In the biggest night of eliminations for Tayshia so far, she sent home four suitors, including the fan fave Joe. He, in typical heartthrob fashion, says he’s “grateful for it all.”

Jordan C.

Jordan kept a low profile, or at least edits made it seem that way, but he also didn’t hit it off with Tayshia enough to get another rose. He headed back to the East Coast from La Quinta.

Kenny Braasch

Kenny’s performance on the dare date wasn’t quite up to Tayshia’s standards, though it echoed all through the resort. She didn’t give him a rose, but he was able to laugh it all off.

Chasen Nick

After getting riled up and into Wolverine mode in week six, Chasen Nick’s drama creating days on The Bachelorette were numbered. Tayshia opted not to give him a rose and sent him back home.

Week 6:

Jay Smith

Tayshia didn’t see a future blossoming with Jay Smith, a fitness director who hails from Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Philadelphia. He stuck around on Clare’s season for several weeks, but went home at the first rose ceremony with the new Bachelorette. Still, he’s forever immortalized on The Bachelorette cast photo and seems to have found some Clari-tea amidst the drama.

Peter Giannikopoulos

The Boston-based real estate advisor didn’t last long in Palm Springs. Almost as soon as he arrived, Tayshia sent him back home.

Montel Hill

Montel joined season 16 to meet Tayshia, but didn’t last beyond her first rose ceremony. She didn’t feel a connection and didn’t give the personal trainer a rose.

Week 5:

Jason Foster

While Tayshia handed out a first impression rose and a couple date blooms, she didn’t send any guys home her first week. Instead, Jason opted out of the new journey. He was still focused on Clare and didn’t feel ready for a new ‘ship so soon.

Week 4:

Dale Moss

Rumors have been flying for months about Dale’s whirlwind romance with Clare, and last night proved most of them true. Clare professed her love and the sparks really flew on their special one-on-one date. Soon after, he got a Neil Lane ring and down on one knee. With no need to hang around the production bubble, he headed on out with the final rose.

Clare Crawley

In the craziest turn of events, The Bachelorette herself packed up her bags, broke up with the remaining suitors, and left with Dale. That’s right after he proposed and she accepted the sparkly diamond ring.

Week 3:

Zach Jackson

After what was not the most relaxing spa day date, Clare went in for a kiss and did not get what she was hoping for. A few more than polarizing interactions and Clare was no longer interested in Zach. Chris Harrison delivered the news at dinner and he was on his way home.

Yosef Aborady

The very first night Yosef was approaching villain status based on tea from the other guys. It wasn’t until week three when the divorced father of one yelled at Clare that she realized it for herself. Naturally, he was sent packing on the spot.

Blake Monar

The rose ceremony was Blake’s last appearance on The Bachelorette. Clare didn’t give him a rose, and he headed back home to

Garin Flowers

Garin didn’t a rose to match his last name or the opportunity to pull out his floral shirt for a date with Clare. Apparently the laughs weren’t enough, and the journalism professor headed back to North Hollywood, CA.

Tyler Smith

Fans barely got an opportunity to get to know Tyler on his short stint on the show. He works as a music manager in Georgetown, TX, and that’s right where he went when he didn’t receive a rosy boutonniere.

Week 2:

Brandon Gross

Clare saw through Brandon’s ploys to woo her with empty words and sent him packing, no rose ceremony needed. The model slash real estate agent at The Corcoran Group in New York City probably should have Googled Clare to have an answer ready for her follow-up questions. Then, he would have known they both were into yoga.

Week 1:

Tyler Cottrill

Can you imagine a Bachelorette season without a Tyler C.? Well, Clare surely can as she sent Tyler home after he accused Yosef of contacting other women online while production was on pause. (Did she learn nothing from Hannah Brown’s stint as The Bachelorette? You always keep a Tyler C. around until the end—and/or a few months afterward.)

It didn’t sit well with Tyler, who shared: “A lot of being reckless on Instagram and flirting with girls where I’m from and know me and are mutual friends.”

He was aiming to protect Clare, but all she saw was unnecessary drama and didn’t give him a rose.

AJ Yalawan

AJ had high hopes of being a “future stay-at-home dad,” per his Instagram bio. But his bad first impression streak lives on since Clare didn’t see a future with AJ based on their night one convo. Tbd how her hands are recovering after the tight squeeze.

Chris Conran

Chris greeted Clare with a smile and a big hug, but the sparks didn’t fly on night one. She sent the business developer and baseball player back home.

Jeremy Higgins

The oldest Bachelorette contestant Jeremy, 40, seemed like he could have been a match for Clare. She didn’t see it, so she opted not to keep him around after their initial meeting.

Jordan Manier

Jordan’s heading back to his Santa Monica home after only one night with The Bachelorette. Clare felt his heart, but it wasn’t enough to keep him around.

Mike Tobin

Mike ventured all the way from the Great White North to meet California Clare and brought cushions for her tired feet to boot. But, he’s heading right back where he came from. And yes, he is still looking for his lobster.

Page Pressley

Page didn’t get a rose from Clare on night one, but he kept a good sense of humor about it all on the ‘gram. He wrote: “When you get out of the limo after @dalemoss13 and realize that it’s The Last Dance.” This Austin chef went back to hang with his son, but still tbd what those finger tattoos mean.

Robby Stahl

Was Robby robbed of love on night one? Some fans seem to think so. He was “genuinely super excited to meet” her, but Clare went with her gut and didn’t dole out a rose to this Floridian.

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