Fitness Trends to Look for in 2021

Eufemia Didonato

It has been a difficult 2020. Our world got turned upside down, and it seems like overnight. Many industries were hit particularly hard, but none harder than the fitness industry. So many small mom and pop fitness studios have unfortunately had to close their doors. With the novel virus spreading […]

It has been a difficult 2020. Our world got turned upside down, and it seems like overnight. Many industries were hit particularly hard, but none harder than the fitness industry. So many small mom and pop fitness studios have unfortunately had to close their doors. With the novel virus spreading and gyms being targeted as infectious zones, members felt unsafe to return for fear of getting sick or fear of infecting their loved ones. With this sad reality taking effect, personal home gym equipment has taken off this year, and I believe we will see that trend continuing through 2021.

Home Gyms & Interactive Training Equipment

Fitness enthusiasts will continue to search for deals on gym flooring, dumbells, kettlebells, racks, bands, etc., to get their fitness fix without having to wear a mask or risk infection in the comfort of their own home. With this trend growing, we will see the introduction of new and innovative fitness equipment. It is all about supply and demand. With the supply of fitness equipment being bought up at an alarmingly rapid rate, this will open the door for exciting and innovative products to be launched for the at-home fitness enthusiast. These fitness enthusiasts will also look to make larger purchases such as fitness bikes like the Peloton, or MIRROR interactive fitness, which is practically like having a virtual personal trainer in the comfort of your living room. These come with hefty price tags, but with people looking for their fitness fix and the gyms becoming less of an alternative, I see this as a growing trend for 2021.

Subscription-Based Fitness

With the recently introduced Apple Fitness integration service for the apple watch, in 2021, we will see an increase in fitness subscription services. Many fitness enthusiasts will prefer to work out at home and may not return to the gym anytime soon. Subscription-based fitness services offered by Apple and Fitbit and others will continue to increase in popularity. One of the more under the radar subscription fitness services might be “Animal Flow.” Animal Flow is a fusion of strength training, yoga, gymnastics, dance, and other bodyweight practices. Some fitness enthusiasts will be attracted to the service only because there is no expensive equipment to purchase. All of these workouts can be done in the comfort of your home, with space only being the limiting factor.

Mobile Training Services

Another under the radar growing trend I see for 2021 is mobile training services. Companies such as “the body bus” and “gym on wheels” will excel. With the lack of available fitness equipment and the uneasy feeling of returning to a crowded gym, people will hire these companies to bring the gym to them. This service will also help people save on buying a lot of expensive fitness equipment on top of hiring a personal trainer. These personal training services will increase in 2021 and beyond.

Outdoor Fitness Facilities

In warm and sunny places such as sunny California and Florida, outdoor fitness is the norm and perfect for social distancing and avoiding large crowds. In the Northeast and other colder climates, outdoor fitness becomes a real challenge in the colder winter months. Equinox has set out o create a new standard that might be here to stay for the long-term. They are among the first gym chains to have an entirely outdoor facility set up fr their patrons. These facilities are supplied with heaters that control the temperatures for their members. The type of renovations necessary to create these outdoor facilities may be too difficult for the smaller mom and pop fitness locations to invest in, making the larger gym chains, unfortunately, the lone survivors of the pandemic throughout the fitness industry.

Food Delivery Services

When it comes to food delivery services, there are many to choose from. Whether your vegan, paleo, pescatarian, flexitarian, or somewhere in between, you have your choice. I see that trend expanding in 2021 to include a more personalized nutritional experience. The pandemic has caused many people to overindulge their caloric intake while spending more time at home. Some people will seek out a structured meal plan delivered right to their doors to help keep them on track. The meal delivery services that could individualize a meal plan based on a person’s fitness goals will be the clear winner in this space shortly.

Mental Health Apps

Many people have been adversely affected psychologically by the pandemic. While it would naturally seem more manageable to eat healthy and workout regularly, it has been more of a challenge for people considering the stress we have had to endure from these unprecedented circumstances. The toll that the outbreak has had on our mental well being has yet to be fully understood, but the magnitude will be alarming in the coming years. Many individuals will seek meditative and stress management professionals and services to help them achieve a sense of calm and relaxation. This trend will boom in 2021 and beyond as people search for ore inner peace. Learning how to meditate has proven benefits on a person’s sense of purpose and clinically proven to boost self-esteem and positive brain chemicals. People will turn more to apps such as Moodfit, Calm, and TalkSpace. As the dist settles and people realize that they need to find a way to relieve what could be a considered post-traumatic stress event, stress management, and meditative services could be the most significant trend of 2021.

Online Professional Fitness

Inevitably these same individuals will become bored or stuck with their routines and seek out a professional’s help. With COVID-19 still a concern, these people will turn to online fitness professionals for their motivation, guidance, and professional advice. Online personal training is a growing trend, in my opinion, for 2021 and beyond. This pandemic has thrust us many years into the future, and I believe that advancements in technology will play a big part in how we decide to make progress with our fitness routines.

Nutritional Counseling

When it comes to nutrition, fitness enthusiasts have often turned to their trainers for advice. With more fitness professionals specializing in specific areas of exercise science, some might not provide the nutritional support that clients need. I believe that nutritional counseling from a behavioral change perspective will be a growing fitness trend for 2021. With people having to quarantine from the virus and stress levels rising, staying consistent with proper eating habits has been a struggle. This has led to lethargy, weight gain, and reduce energy levels. These people will seek out nutritional support specialists who can provide proper meal planning and nutritional guidance, as well as emotional support and behavioral change methods.

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