‘A wild ride’: Reining in the virus, contact tracers fight fear, COVID-19

TÓNANEESDIZÍ Standing alongside her grandmother toward ha’a’aah every morning before sunrise, Krishanya Smith would pray to t’áá ałtsoní Áyiilaii. “Bił naashnishígíí bił honílǫ́ǫ doo, t’áá shǫǫdí,” she’d ask Áyiilaaígíí. She’d say reverently: “Díí naashnishígíí t’áá íiyisíí bee nizhónígo ída’diilnííł, dóó kǫ́ǫ́ nihik’éí dóó nihidine’é baa ída’diilnííł.” Smith, who’s Bit’ahnii, is […]

Chefs whip up funds for health care for the uninsured

A healthy diet might keep the doctor away, but a local nonprofit is using gourmet cooking to fund health care services for the uninsured. Oasis Free Clinics in Brunswick is raising money through its second “Cooking With Oasis” series, which beams some of Maine’s best culinary minds into local foodies’ […]

How to Start an LLC in Washington State

Starting an LLC can seem difficult, whether you are a new business owner or looking to convert an existing business. However, the process of setting up your LLC doesn’t need to be as confusing as you think: understanding each step will help you establish your business with as little stress […]

NC State’s Trailblazer Project highlights North Carolina community college leaders of color | News

NC State’s Trailblazer Profiles project, run by the College of Education’s Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research, highlights community college leaders of color across North Carolina and their unique stories.  The project focuses on Black, Latin, Asian and Indigenous community college leaders in North Carolina, or “Trailblazers,” whose […]

Consumers Opted Out of Needed Medical Care

Most consumers typically access healthcare at their primary physician or doctor. In fact, 61% of consumers saw their primary physician or doctor in the last 12 months, in person or online, according to Wellness And Affordability, a PYMNTS report with research sponsored by CareCredit. Get the report: Wellness And Affordability: […]