8 Oral Hygiene Tips For Aging Teeth

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Oral hygiene and aging teeth:

Oral hygiene is an integral part of an individual’s daily regime, no matter whether he/she is young or above 60. Elderly dental care is pivotal to maintain the overall quality of life positively. As elder people are more susceptible to gum diseases and tooth decay.

· Elderly dental care:

It identifies all the bad effects of aging on the gums and teeth of an individual. Further, it comprehends whether the lifetime habits of an individual affect the teeth; whether they are helpful or not. Whenever an individual neglects oral hygiene at early stages then, it creates complications at the elderly stage. Therefore, the dentist always recommends an individual to follow a strict daily regimen of mouth and teeth care. Let’s discuss those regimens prescribed by the dentist for the aging teeth.

8 Oral Hygiene Tips For Aging Teeth

  •         Floss and brush the teeth

To avoid common dental problems in the near future the best thing that elderly should do is to floss and brush the teeth regularly. Mostly, the dentist recommends flossing the teeth i.e. by dint of interdental cleaner or dental floss and brushing the teeth twice a day i.e. morning and evening. In order to get excellent results, make sure that you brush for two minutes. For brushing, you can opt for a manual toothbrush with soft bristles but the electric toothbrush is also preferred.

  •         Fluoride usage

Fluoride plays a pivotal role in maintaining the oral hygiene of both children and elderly people. Therefore, every individual must apply a bit of fluoride on teeth during doing your oral hygiene regime. This can be done by using fluoride toothpaste. Furthermore, drink tap water on a regular basis as it also contains fluoride.

  •         Avoid the use of Tobacco

Every dentist recommends avoiding the use of tobacco. As it causes fatal oral problems i.e. oral cancer and throat             cancer etc. at elderly age. Moreover, it can also cause tooth decay, losing teeth, and tooth decay. The chewing of tobacco is directly proportional to tooth decay. As it introduces a large amount of sugar into your mouth and deteriorates oral hygiene.

  •         Amplify oral hydration

If at an elderly age, you are struggling with dry mouth then, consult with your doctor. He will either change the medication or tell you an alternative. Further, to prevent it, drink plenty of water.

Dentists from Los Gatos Dental highly recommend the usage of anti-bacterial mouthwash to elderly people. As it prevents plaque buildup in the mouth of elderly people.

  •         Regular dental examination

The most important step that elderly people should follow is to schedule the dental examination with the dentist. On an average ratio, an adult should visit his dentist every six months for proper examination and cleaning of the teeth.

  •         Take care of your oral appliances

Dentists recommend the elderly people to take care of their dentures, oral appliances, and mouth guard. Moreover, they should consult the doctor in case of any discomfort.

Adults and children should pay heed to the advice and instructions of the dentist. Especially, elderly people as they need to discuss dental issues with them to cure the current dental issues and their prevention in the near future.


In a nutshell, elderly people should take care of their oral hygiene to make their teeth long-lasting lifetime.

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