7 Work-From-Home Jobs That Don’t Require Digital Skills

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Did you know that the more the number of women in India’s workforce, the better India’s condition will be? Achieving gender parity would have the biggest impact in India than any other region in the world, according to McKinsey & Company’s ‘The Power of Parity’ report.

Young fit beautiful Asian woman in sportswear workout exercise (plank) in living room on yoga mat with laptop. Workout from home and online training concept during Covid 19 pandemic outbreak
There will never come a time when people won’t want to pursue fitness, and online fitness classes are the way to go during this lockdown.

Bound by familial compulsions, many women cannot afford to venture out every day to work. Thankfully, there are many things women can do from their home to earn money on the side.

 Here are a few work-from-home jobs for women that don’t require learning digital skills.

#1 Start your own bakery:

If you love baking cookies, pastries, tarts, and cakes, and everyone keep raving about your creations, then why not start a bakery of your own? Even if you don’t want to open a full-fledged bakery business, you can still work from your home.

Take good photos of your creations, send samples to friends, post them on food lovers’ groups, and so on. With time, you will be able to bring in good business. Thanks to apps like Swiggy, Dunzo, and Zomato coming to your aid, the entire process will be a breeze. 

If you love baking cookies, pastries, tarts, and cakes, and everyone keep raving about your creations, then why not start a bakery of your own?

#2 Tiffin services:

Is cooking your forte? Then starting a tiffin service in your area and make money. People are always on the lookout for home-cooked food, especially those who have migrated to your city. While it might require investing in vessels and other paraphernalia while cooking at a larger scale, you can make do with the utensils available at home while starting out with a few customers. You don’t have to worry about logistics as you can tie up with agencies or use a service like Dunzo.

#3 Sell niche food products:

If you think cooking every day can be a lot of work, then why not narrow down your options? You don’t have to be good at preparing a lot of dishes. Make pickles from your home and sell it on Instagram. There are all sorts of products that are being sold online by women who work from home and leverage platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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 #4 Online fitness classes:

If you want to become a fitness instructor, the demand has certainly not stopped despite the lockdown and the pandemic. There will never come a time when people won’t want to pursue fitness. You need to prove your authenticity by backing your knowledge with credible certifications.

#5 Baby planning

If you have a way with kids, then you can help expecting families to avail your services. Being a baby planning consultant, you will be able to ensure that the would-be parents are prepared for the birth of the child and are also aware of how they can take care afterwards. You could also advise the expectant couples on how to baby proof their house so that the child is in a safe environment.

Teachers with children playing and learning at preschool
Teachers with children playing and learning at preschool

#6 Home creche:

Will you be able to handle a bunch of stranger’s kids every day? If yes, then you can start a nursery from your home itself. You need to keep the size of the nursery small if you intend to do it from your home. Most parents in cities are working, and without a doubt, they will be worried about having to leave their babies alone in the care of someone they don’t know. Most of the clients will be people you know since it is a home-based setup, so there will be a higher level of implicit trust.

#7 Home salon:

If you have an extra room in your house, you will be able to offer salon services from the comfort of your home. You can get yourself certified from various institutes. VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition is one of the most popular places to get certified to start your own salon. The overheads will not be a problem either when you have a home salon. You can always recruit more girls as your business expands.

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