28 Best Home Workout Apps: Get Results from Home

Eufemia Didonato

If you’ve been rinsing the best home workout apps this past year, know you’re not alone. With fluctuating lockdown rules, good at-home sweat options have never been more important. Fortunately, what with top draw personal trainers and smart technology, getting fit at home can be just as effective as schlepping […]

If you’ve been rinsing the best home workout apps this past year, know you’re not alone. With fluctuating lockdown rules, good at-home sweat options have never been more important.

Fortunately, what with top draw personal trainers and smart technology, getting fit at home can be just as effective as schlepping to the gym. From strength training to cardio workouts, HIIT workouts at home and low-impact sessions, there really is a home workout app out there for everyone. Hallelujah.

However, if you’re a beginner it’s best not to go in all guns blazing: ‘I see a lot of people starting a new regime, signing up to an app, doing the Monday leg and glute session and then find they can’t walk for a week,’ Anna Victoria, personal trainer and creator of the Fit Body app, told WH. Start slowly and build up – there’s no rush, trust us.

25 best home workout apps to download today


home workout apps

Not only do FIIT make working out at home feel like sweating in-studio, but they’ve also worked with WH to design a specific home-workout plan that requires little equipment and gets you fighting fit in 10 weeks. Sound too good to be true? Well, it certainly isn’t. FIIT x Women’s Health Sweat and Reset will help you build a stronger, leaner body, all from the (dis)comfort of your living room. Did we mention Maya Jama is their newest ambassador? Yeah, thought that would motivate you. #MakeMoreLikeMaya.

FIIT also offer breathwork classes with teacher Richie Bostock. Not heard of breathwork? It’s a practice that aims to restore balance to the stress response systems, calm agitated minds, relieve symptoms of anxiety and more through focused breathing patterns – a perfect antidote to the anxiety-inducing impact of normal life ATM, we think.

Kit list: Exercise mat

The details: 14-day free trial then £20 per month when you pay on a rolling basis, £10 per month when you pay a full year upfront (£120).


2. Davina McCall’s Own Your Goals

Whether you know her as WH cover star or TV-presenter cum national treasure, you’ll know Davina McCall has energy by the bucket load. And now you can get fit with her too.

Her fitness app – ‘Own Your Goals’ – is choc-full of online workout classes (from boxing to yoga, cardio, HIIT, core, strength training, dance classes and Pilates sessions) as well as nutritionist-approved recipe options. We suggest using the workout and meal planners to get yourself organised and on track. Thanks, Davina!

Kit list: Whilst it’s not necessary, some workouts work better with equipment. Think dumbbells, a yoga mat and a resistance band.

The details: Choose from three subscription options – monthly (£9.99 per month with a 14-day free trial), 6 months (£39.99) or 12 months (£49.99 – limited time offer, a yearly subscription is normally £59.99).


3. Courtney Black Fitness

home workout apps

She’s the home workout sensation keeping the nation fit with her high energy and challenging Instagram workouts but you can also catch Courtney Black on her app, too. Not only are there workouts by the dozens to pick from but also meal plans and diet options as well.

Choose how many days per week you want to train and Courtney (and her clever programming) will do the rest. Every two weeks your workout schedule will change slightly to keep you progressing towards your goals – expect a mix of weight training with HIIT, circuits and bodyweight sessions thrown in. For the closest thing you’ll get to a PT at home, you can’t go far wrong with CB.

Kit list: Dependent on workout

The details: Monthly rolling subscription from £15.99


4. The Body Coach

Joe Wicks in your pocket? Count us in. The Body Coach has dropped his very own fitness app, complete with workouts, eating plans and healthy recipes to keep you fit and strong at home. Featuring pre-recorded workouts as well as access to live sessions, the app also has sustainable and healthy eating plans to help you hit your goals.

Kit list: Varies

The details: The Body Coach App costs £14.99 monthly, £37.99 quarterly or £89.99 yearly.


5. Sweat with Kayla

home workout apps

When SWEAT upgraded from just BBG to BBG plus yoga and strength training, it became the front-runner in the best fitness apps competition. With just one subscription you can lose body fat, build muscle and calm your mind. Love that.

And, last year, Kayla made working out at home easier than ever with some small tweaks: ‘I’ve changed [the programme] so that you need less equipment and can do it just on the space of your mat,’ says Kayla. ‘It’s perfect for the ladies who are staying home but want to train!’

Thanks to the update you now only need a chair, skipping rope and dumbbells to complete week one to week 21 of BBG.

If you don’t fancy following a plan work through 750 easy-to-follow video workouts, including resistance, LISS and HIIT sessions – just make sure you don’t skip the rehabilitation stretches, K? They’re vital to staying injury-free.

Need help with your food? There’s nutrition advice too. The healthy meal plans – with a veggie option, ofc – make eating right much simpler. And (if all that wasn’t enough), SWEAT offers a step tracker, hydration monitor and a tool to generate automated shopping lists for last-minute meal prep. Wowza.

Kit list: A mat, dumbbells and a step. Get ready.

The details: £15.30 a month


6. Tone & Sculpt by Krissy Cela

home workout apps

British YouTube celeb, Krissy Cela, became well-known for her easy to follow strength training and weightlifting videos – showing women how to get strong at home or at the gym. Then, she condensed all her knowledge into an app – Tone & Sculpt – and your best fitness bud was born.

Dip a toe in any of her beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts to get a taste of what to expect or jump straight into your very own personalised workout schedule – you can choose between three to five workouts per week based on your preference.

Kit: Depends on workout

The details: Perfect if you’re strapped for cash and rent week looming, Tone & Sculpt works out at just 23p per day. Try before you buy with a 7-day free trial.


7. Jillian Michaels

home workout apps

If there’s one PT who can train you into your best shape yet, it’s The Biggest Loser O.G., Jillian Michaels. She’s got a decade of experience in body transformations and is as famous for her motivational mantras as her brutal encouragement.

In the current coronavirus climate, Michaels has chosen to reduce the yearly cost of her app by just over 75% – taking the total cost to £5.21 per month, or £60.96 for the year, saying that she ‘wants people to have accessible affordable options for at-home fitness.’ By subscribing at jillianmichaels.com you get access to 7-minute workouts, personalised nutrition and workout tracking as well as a free daily mini-workout.

Kit list: Exercise mat

The details: Get a free 7-day trial of Premium Access. After that £5.16 per month when the full 12-month fee, £61.99, is paid upfront.


8. Fit Body with Anna Victoria

home workout apps

Bringing Anna’s best selling guides (half a million downloads and counting) to life, her app includes video-led instruction for her tried and tested 30-minute HIIT strength circuit sessions. Plus, you can keep motivated by joining Anna’s encouraging online community for support. Do note, that there’s no offline mode so so if you’re conserving your 4G or exercising somewhere sans wifi you’ll need to load the app before starting.

Kit list: Gym trainers, an exercise mat and internet connectivity

The details: Available via the Apple app store. Subscriptions start at £12 a month following a 7-day free trial.


9. CENTR by Chris Hemsworth

centre app, women's health uk

So we know you’ve heard of Chris Hemsworth. And you’ve most likely heard of his über fit wife, Elsa Pataky too – you must have, she’s a former Women’s Health cover star after all…

Anyways, back to the point. Hemsworth and Pataky designed their own health and fitness app for those wanting to get fit from home.

The app is a personalised, digital health & fitness platform, featuring a team of experts hand-picked from the worlds of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. While the workouts are primarily HIIT-focused, they require minimal to no gym equipment making it perfect for those working out at home without access to a full weights rack. #Sob. Get involved by hitting the link.

Kit: Nothing

The details: 6-week free trial, then £15.49 for a month-to-month rolling subscription


10. Shreddy by Grace Beverley

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Whether you knew her before when her IG handle was @GraceFitUK, or now, topping Forbes 30 under 30 list, Grace Beverley is on a bloomin’ roll. And she wants to help you become your best self as part of it.

Her workout and meal planning app, Shreddy, combines a catalogue of workout guides that help you ‘lose fat and tone up.’ Signing up to the app will give you access to hundreds of workouts, recipes, meal plans, real-time classes, a community to share your triumphs and setbacks with as well as a bespoke program once you’ve input your preferences and goals.

Kit: Depends on the workout

The details: £9.99 per month from the App Store and Android store – quarterly and annual options available.


11. Freeletics app

home workout apps

With an almost infinite number of workouts sessions designed by sports scientists and athletes, this is a like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Upgrade to the paid-for version to access your own Freeletics Training Coach – an AI coach that will analyse your performance, track your progress and adapt your training plan accordingly.

Kit list: Workout garms and a little space to jump about

The details: Available for IOS and Google Play devices. Training Coach subscription starts from £12.99 a month for android and £32.99 for 3 months for iPhone.


12. Gymshark Conditioning app

gymshark conditioning app, women's health uk

Yes, they gained global recognition as being the UK’s fastest-growing fashion business last year, and yes they pioneered the concept of influencer marketing, and of course, they make gym kit that sells out faster than you can say ‘Sculpt Leggings’ – but, did you know Gymshark also have a kick-ass totally free training app, too?

The home workouts are varied and include sessions such as Core Progression, Front Room Fitness and Bodyweight Blast. Whether you want to train abs or total body, they’ve got you covered. All you’ll ever need is yourself, a water bottle, sweat towel and mat.

Kit list: Exercise mat

The details: Free for the foreseeable future


13. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app, women's health uk

With over 185 free workouts, from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga, Nike has doubled down on what they’re offering in their Nike Training Club (NTC) app.

Don’t worry about not having masses of time or equipment, their short and sharp bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere that’s big enough for you to sweat in. The area between your sofa and oven? Yeah, that works just fine. So long as you work hard!

With body-specific workouts as well as various levels for those looking to challenge themselves, the Nike Master Trainers are waiting to (kindly) whip you into shape. All you need to do is hit download.

Kit list: Dependent on workout

The details: Free


14. FLY LDN Online

With over 200 on demand workouts, get your low impact fix with London studio, Fly Ldn. Accessible anytime, anywhere, tune into Yoga, Barre, Pilates and lower impact resistance training.

Kit list: Usually, just a yoga or exercise mat. Occasionally, hand weights/resistance bands are needed.

The details: Subscribe on a rolling monthly contract for £9.99


15. Club 51 by Jon Denoris

club 51 app, women's health uk

Founder of private London ‘intelligent fitness’ club, Club 51, Jon Denoris has condensed his knowledge of exercise and movement into an app – how kind! With 30 minute sessions, you can expect home bodyweight workouts that are tailored to your goals. And, if at any point in the workout you have a question – you can chat directly with your trainer by dropping them a direct message through the app. Talk about thought-of-everything.

All you need to do a is throw on your gym kit, shove your hair in the messiest of updo’s and get straight to work.

Kit list: Exercise mat

The details: Currently available to download for just £9.99 per month for the foreseeable future.


16. Base PT

base pt app, women's health uk

Okay, so while you can definitely use this app to workout from home, it’s slightly different to your usual home workout plug-and-play model. Base PT is an at-home way to connect personal trainers and customers with live 1–1 sessions. Bringing the gym to you, you can choose your base – living room, kitchen, garden or park and your trainer will take you through the session.

Kit list: Dependent on workout

The details: Sessions start at 14.95 for a single workout and drop to £9 if buying in bulk.


17. AND/life

and/life app, women's health uk

Ever wanted to build the workout you want to do but also want to know you’re getting an effective sweat session at the same time? Enter: AND/life, the app that allows you to customise your workouts based on how much you want to and in what way you want to sweat, what equipment you have at your disposal and how much time you have. Basically, it’s your workout genie.

Get involved and start mixing it up!

Kit list: Workout dependent

The details: Prices vary based on subscription.

GO TO AND/life

18. JP4 by Jessie Pavelka

jp4 app, women's health uk

If you watched ‘The Biggest Loser’, you might remember coach Jessie Pavelka training people to be their fittest and best selves. Now, Coach Jessie has an app, JP4, that coaches you through making healthy lifestyle changes to reframe how you eat, sweat, think and connect.

With meal plans, home exercise routines, mindfulness podcasts and an overarching support network featuring to help you achieve sustained success, it’s a great all-rounder home workout option.

Kit list: Dependent on workout

The details: Free to download with in-app purchases.


19. Glo

glo app, women's health uk

If your daily yoga practice has gone straight out the window along with your commitment to not wearing jogging bottoms 24/7, use Glo to get you back into alignment. Offering thousands of yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions, you’ll find your flow and hopefully feel a little calmer too. Mental gains as well as increased mobility and mat time? Yeah, we’re into it.

Kit list: Exercise mat – other props dependent on session

The details: £12.49 per month for a monthly subscription.


20. Rowith

rowith app, women's health uk

If you’ve got a rowing machine at home that’s gathering dust faster than you can say ‘self-isolation’, then it might be the time to bring the old boy back out and amp up your cardio sessions. Instead of mundane rowing sessions expect varied audio workouts that keep you excited and pushing hard.

Kit list: Rowing machine

The details: Prices vary


21. Seven: 7 Minute Workout

home workout apps

Short on time? No problem. As the name suggests, you can make a difference to your health and fitness in just seven minutes. Their ethos is maximum results with minimal input: during the speedy video sessions, you’ll do 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises with 10-second breaks in between. Perfect for when you’re pushed for time or as finishers after longer workouts

Kit list: A chair and a wall

The details: Available for IOS and Google Play devices. Free with the option of upgrading for the Custom Workout Builder.


22. Peloton Digital

home workout apps

Peloton made their name by bringing studio-style spinning into your home but now, they’re on a new mission: to change all the ways you train. This app has cycling, running, Bootcamp, outdoor, floor and yoga workouts. So, if you don’t happen to have that £2,000 spin bike installed in your house you can still get your fitness fix another way.

Kit list: You need the Peloton bike or the Peloton treadmill (‘The Tread’) for the spinning / running workouts, for the boot camps you’ll need dumbbells and a mat and for the other workouts (Barre, yoga, Pilates, cardio) you’ll only need a mat.

The details: Get the first 30 days free, subscriptions then cost £12.99 per month. If you own the Bike or the Treadmill your digital subscription is included in your Peloton All-Access Membership.


23. Asana Rebel

home workout apps

It’s easy to find your flow with Asana Rebel thanks to the bounty of classes available on the app. Learn how to dial up your downward dog and build heat on your yoga mat, or alternatively, choose a more mindful session and chill the eff out. The curated workout collections will help you achieve specific fitness goals.

Kit list: A mat, strap and block

The details: In-App purchases apply for the pro and premium options.


24. RWL

RWL app, women's health uk

With over 1000 workouts stored in their app-vault, RWL by Lucy Mecklenburgh has everything you need to mix your home workouts up day by day. Including a 7-day free trial, you can have a go before committing to anything, so make sure to check out the other features too – such as a calorie counter and tracker, breathing tools to calm anxiety and more to capture your whole wellness journey.

Kit list: Dependent on workout

The details: Prices vary based on subscription


25. Zova

home workout apps

This home workout app won the Apple Design Award and it’s easy to see why. The sleek design is a refreshing change from other brightly coloured apps and is much nicer to look at 6 am.

Their fitness promise? To have your back, butt and everything in between. Delivering 10-minute workouts, daily tips and the option to create a weekly program, download if you like audio coaching or want to get as fit as possible quick style.

Kit list: If you have Apple TV, use it to connect to this app. It’s a great experience.

The details: Free for 1 week, then £66.99/year after the trial.


26. Kinetic

home workout apps

Offering on-demand class streaming, be transported from living room to fitness studio in a tap of your iPhone. When there, choose from Zumba, yoga, HIIT and more. Download and do it. WH orders.

Kit list: A good sports bra and enough space in your living room.

The details: Free


27. Strava

home workout apps

An app most runners swear by, Strava is the UK’s most popular running and cycling tracker app, offering a Facebook-style community of keen fitness enthusiasts. If logging your miles, applauding your friends efforts, alongside earning badges and scouting special Strava-approved routes sounds fun then get downloading.

Kit list: GPS tracking signal on your phone or fitness tracker and a desire to kit the great outdoors.

The details: Free for basic access or, for full access to all features, £4 per month when paid annually or £12 per month for a rolling monthly contract.


28. WOD Generator

wod generator app, women's health uk

For all your CrossFitters with closes Boxes, this WOD-generating app is the one for you. Input your preference – bodyweight, travel, benchmark etc. – and then be provided with a ready made workout to smash out. Go on then. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Kit list: Workout dependent

The details: Free


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