25 Black Friday deals on home gym equipment

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The Hill may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Last year, an estimated 50% of Americans who made New Year’s resolutions were determined to get in shape in 2020. And chances are, that didn’t go so well this year. If you’re looking to […]

The Hill may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links.

Last year, an estimated 50% of Americans who made New Year’s resolutions were determined to get in shape in 2020. And chances are, that didn’t go so well this year. If you’re looking to get serious about your at-home fitness routine, these 25 Black Friday deals are worth a look. They’re all perfect for working out while you’re away from the gym and, for a limited time, you can use coupon code BFSAVE20 to drop prices an extra 20 percent.

Get the BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym for $143.20 with promo code BFSAVE20

You may not have space in your home for a punching bag, but chances are you have plenty of room for the BodyBoss2.0. This compact, all-in-one alternative to traditional gym equipment allows you to enjoy over 300 styles of resistance workouts practically anywhere, giving you the same results of weight-lighting, pilates, boxing, and other activities but with none of the bulky machinery. 

Get the Picooc Mini Pro Smart Scale for $39.99 with promo code BFSAVE20 

Instead of simply displaying your weight, the Picooc Smart Scale connects to your smartphone to give you a comprehensive analysis of 13 different body indexes, including your weight, body fat, muscle, body type, and BMI.

Get the Iron Chest Master Fitness System for $77.59 with promo code BFSAVE20

Created by decorated bodybuilder Ron Williams, the Iron Chest Master can help you work more efficiently during your upper body workouts. As one Amazon customer notes, “I literally did 10 reps and I felt activated immediately. Not only did I feel it in my chest, I also felt it in my delts, back and surprisingly my abs as well. The Iron Chest Master is my new favorite piece of equipment.”

Get the Activbody Activ5 Fitness Device for $87.20 with promo code BFSAVE20

Daily workouts can be as simple as sitting at your desk and gripping the Activ5. This palm-sized smart trainer works by contracting your muscles without moving your joints (the same isometric movements you do in a plank). When connected to your smartphone, its companion app shows you over 100 ways you can squeeze the device and for how long. And over time, these small but mighty movements can increase your strength. 

Get the Jawzrsize Facial Fitness for $23.99 with promo code BFSAVE20

Double chins don’t stand a chance against the Jawzrsize, a facial fitness tool that can both strengthen and sculpt your jawline. As one current user notes, “I was skeptical at first, but I started seeing an improvement after 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I noticed a huge improvement and people even complimenting me.” 

Get the CorePump® Home Gym & Trainer (Gunmetal Grey) for $880 with promo code BFSAVE20

If you think that the CorePump is a one-trick pony, think again. There are 66 different handle positions you can use to customize your stretches and resistance training. The machine even automatically adjusts its strength based on your output. And since it utilizes Isokentic resistance, workouts on the CorePump tend to be twice as hard as traditional resistance exercises with reduced muscle soreness afterward. 

Get the META 360 Legacy Pack Core-Based Trainer for $63.99 with promo code BFSAVE20 

If you want a real challenge, incorporate sliders into your next workout. Options like the META 360 Legacy Pac Core-Based Trainer are sure to light your abs on fire the next time you do mountain climbers or hold a plank. And unlike normal sliders, these come with ergonomic handles you can use for added stability.

Get the MoonRun: Portable Cardio Trainer with Virtual Running Apps for $199.20 with promo code BFSAVE20

If winter forecasts put your outdoor runs on hold, an indoor cardio trainer (like this one from MoonRun) can help mimic the same movements and endorphin rush as your jogs do, all with the use of resistance bands. And when used alongside its app, users can even workout with a coach or with a group of virtual runners. 

Get THE CHOPPER: Full-Body Workout for $87.98 with promo code BFSAVE20

Hundreds of customers agree that The Chopper “makes exercising fun again” and that it enables them to take “workouts to the next level.” And with glowing reviews like these alongside a hefty Black Friday markdown, why not add this ax-like weight to your HIIT routine? 

Get the Newport Plus AR Adjustable Water Resistance Rower for $879.20 with promo code BFSAVE20 

An English Institute of Sport study found that rowing machines can engage 86 percent of your body (and not just your legs), making it one of the ultimate full-body workouts. The good news is the Newport Plus AR Adjustable Resistance Rower is currently on sale for over $200 off. It comes with an ergonomic handle to prevent arm and wrist strain, built-in wheels to make moving the machine easy, and an improved pulley system for increased resistance. 

Get the Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR Water Rower for $2556 with promo code BFSAVE20

Another rower that tops our list is the Vortex VX3. This premium piece of rowing equipment comes with a wireless smart handle that allows you to instantly adjust the resistance level and experience the same type of natural tension that you’d get from rowing in open water. And now, shoppers can save a whopping $639 on their purchase.

Get the NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Fitness Strap Trainer for $31.99 with the promo code BFSAVE20 

Turn any sturdy door, post, or bar into a bonafide TRX workout with the NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Fitness Strap Trainer, a two-piece set that comes with ultra-strong straps that can support up to 400 pounds of weight. 

Get the EDGE Suspension Trainer for $43.19 with promo code BFSAVE20

Suspension trainers like the EDGE can make relatively hard workouts, like pull-ups, more accessible to those of all fitness levels. Since you can adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance, you have full autonomy with how challenging your exercise will be. 

Get the Maji Sports™ Home Fitness Bundle for $51.99 with promo code BFSAVE20

Pilates fans will get great use out of this bundle of fitness products, including resistance bands, stretching bands, an exercise tube, and discs, all of which are popular Pilates-approved products. And when used holistically, it is all the equipment you need to enjoy the ultimate body-weight workout at home. 

Get the SmartRope: LED-Embedded Jump Rope (Black) for $63.99 with promo code BFSAVE20 

Improving your cardiovascular health can be as simple as jumping rope for a few minutes every day. Not only is it a solid way to get your heart pumping, but in 15 minutes you can burn upwards of 300 calories. If you’re looking to upgrade from your elementary school jump rope, consider the SmartRope instead. It comes with a built-in tracker that monitors your progress and provides you with recommended workouts based on your skill level. 

Get the SmartRope Rookie® for $31.96 with promo code BFSAVE20

A more basic smart rope on sale this Black Friday is the SmartRope Rookie, a Red Dot Design Award-winning jump rope that can track your workout stats, allow you to challenge others to a good old fashion competition, and provide you with some much-needed motivation to help you get in shape. 

Get the PRO 6 Aspen Stairmill Stair Climber for $2,796 with promo code BFSAVE20

If you have a bit more floor space in your home and want to replicate your gym experience, consider investing in the PRO 6 Asen Stairmill Stair Climber. This premium-grade piece of machinery can help you enjoy a low-impact workout that boasts plenty of cardiovascular and overall wellness benefits. It comes with a time, speed, and altitude tracker, as well as a reliable step lock system with a sensor to ensure you stay safe while using it. 

Get the Rubberbanditz Exercise Dice + Fitness Bands for $19.99 with promo code BFSAVE20

Need some workout inspiration? Roll the dice on your next circuit training session with this set, which gives you a CrossFit and bodyweight exercise, as well as your rep count. Along with the dice, users get a set of resistance bands to enhance their next sweat session. 

Get the LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine for $119.99 with promo code BFSAVE20

As the name suggests, vibration plates gently vibrate when in use. This helps activate your muscles, giving you an enhanced workout while promoting your sense of balance. As one Amazon reviewer can vouch, “I’ve only had it for a week but so far I am super pleased. It’s been a great tool for my slackline training and balance work too!” 

Get the Striiv Bio 2 Plus Fitness Tracker Watch for $10.39 with the promo code BFSAVE20

An exceptionally affordable fitness tracker watch, the Striiv Bio 2 (originally $99) can monitor heart rate, steps, and calories. It can also control your phone calls and music content, plus send you alerts when you’re getting a Facebook or text message mid-workout. 

Get the Rodeo Core Exercise Machine for $143.99 with promo code BFSAVE20

As any avid rider will tell you, horseback riding is a complete workout. The Rodeo Core replicates the entire process (sans horse) by providing you with a saddle that swings backward and forwards, activating your core and helping tone the muscles in your ab and midsection. 

Get the IP67 Waterproof Sport Smart Watch for $23.96 with promo code BFSAVE20

Like any solid fitness tracker, this discounted design features heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, steps, and activity monitoring, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and SMS alerts. 

Get the DisruptiveStrong Workout Bag for $319.20 with promo code BFSAVE20

Let the DisruptiveStrong Workout Bag be a welcome change to your typical dumbbells. This multi-purpose weight can be used as a kettlebell, medicine ball, slam ball, and barbell, ranging in weight from 10 pounds all the way up to 100. A shock-absorbing outer shell lets you lift, slam, and drag without fear of it breaking or damaging your floors. 

Get the Non-Slip High-Quality Yoga Mat for $11.16 with promo code BFSAVE20 

There’s nothing worse than slipping and sliding in the middle of downward dog. Luckily those problems are thing of the past with this non-slip yoga mat, which boasts foam technology and an anti-slip surface that keeps your knees, knuckles, and hands supported and your feet firmly in place during your sun salutations. 

Get the Weight Lifting Home Gym Set for $39.19 with promo code BFSAVE20

This weight lifting set, which is now on sale for under 40 bucks, can provide you with an upper-body workout (tricep, biceps, shoulders, ab and back)no gym membership needed. 

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