125 Afghan evacuees resettled in Buncombe County

Over 125 Afghans who were evacuated by the United States amid the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan this summer now call Buncombe County home. It’s been a long journey. On Aug. 29, President Joe Biden directed the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate the resettlement as part of Operation Allies Welcome. […]

New Early Signs of Parkinson’s Uncovered

Summary: Hearing loss and epilepsy are early features of Parkinson’s disease, a new study reveals. Source: Queen Mary University London Hearing loss and epilepsy are early features of Parkinson’s, according to pioneering new research from Queen Mary University of London – the first UK study of the condition in such […]

I’m a professional bimbo & my fans pay me to exist

A SELF-proclaimed “professional bimbo” who says her fans pay her to exist has revealed to The Sun how she splashed more than $300k on plastic surgery to transform herself into a living blow-up doll. Mary Magdalene, 25, has undergone dozens of cosmetic procedures over the last four years, boasting enormous […]

Every Women Should Have These 4 Doctors

A woman’s health care needs change throughout life. Still, consistent care from a trusted primary care provider, obstetrician-gynecologist and other specialists can help ensure that you get treatment for lifelong health concerns, and find out how to prevent future issues. (Getty Images) Here are the main types of doctors women […]