WandaVision’s Billy Actor Celebrates MCU Show’s 1-Year Anniversary

In celebration of the show’s one-year anniversary, WandaVision star Julian Hilliard, who played Billy, shares behind-the-scenes photos from the set. In celebration of the show’s first anniversary, WandaVision star Julian Hilliard is sharing behind-the-scenes photos of his time on set. Avengers: Endgame wrapped up a handful of storylines, and Phase Four is the beginning of […]

Zachary Levi Says Chuck Reboot Could Happen Soon

Zachary Levi teases something is close to happening in regards to a Chuck reboot, revealing that have been discussions and the timing feels right. Zachary Levi recently gave fans an update on the Chuck reboot, saying that it could happen sometime soon. The actor has been featured in a number […]