15 smart products to help you kick your bad habits in 2021

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File photo – Teresa Hui, 39, poses for selfie photographs in front of the giant numerals for “2021” to be used in the New Year’s eve festivities in New York’s Times Square, Monday, Dec. 21, 2020. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II) A new year always brings a fresh start, and we […]

A new year always brings a fresh start, and we can all use that after 2020. The stressful year might have even left you with a few new not-so-great habits you want to kick.

Whether you’re slugging down coffee, slumped over in front of your computer at all hours, or otherwise not taking care of yourself, these smart products can help.

1. Bad habit: You’re addicted to sugary soda or coffee. Try these tea drops instead.

Sugary soda and coffee can take a toll on your health. These tea drops are a great alternative. I love them, and they’re so easy to use. They’re made with genuine tea leaves and just a little sugar. Add one to a mug of hot water for an instant treat. Yum!

2. Bad habit: You’re never hydrated because plain water is so boring. Spice it up with fruit.

We all know we need to drink more water, but plain, flat water gets dull. You can add a little flavor and get hydrated with this infuser water bottle. Fill the infuser with a few fresh fruits of your choice to add some spice to your H20. Try lemon and mint. You’ll be hydrated in no time.

3. Bad habit: You don’t take care of your heart and blood pressure. Take two of these a day.

True story: Beet juice is great for your heart, so I started making it each day. Yeah, that didn’t last long. If you’re struggling to eat enough heart-healthy veggies as part of your diet, take two of these beetroot chews each day instead. Made with grape seed extracts and beets, these tasty chews will support your heart health and give you natural energy.

4. Bad habit: You rinse out your water bottle and think, “Eh, good enough.” Nope, you need these brushes.

Take the time to clean that water bottle you’re using. This set of brushes make it easy to do. They fit right inside your water bottle to help get it clean of bacteria and other nasty residue. Plus, the pack comes with 13 different sizes so you can clean everything from straws to big bottles.

5. Bad habit: You never think to clean out your washing machine and your towels stink.

That funky smell that’s coming from your towels is probably due to a moldy, mildewy washing machine. The Laundry Lasso️ keeps your washing machine’s door open and out of the way so that there’s no moisture to feed mold, mildew and odors.

If you’re dealing with stubborn smells, pick up a pack of Effervescent Tablet Washer Cleaner tabs. They will knock the odors right out of your machine. You just drop them into the wash and let it run — the smell will rinse away at the end of the cycle. I pop one in once a month.

6. Bad habit: You use wasteful dryer sheets for every load of laundry. Use these again and again.

Dryer sheets help keep your clothes static-free and smelling good, but they’re bad for the environment. Use these SnugPad dryer balls again and again instead. They’re made of 100% New Zealand wool and no fillers. No chemicals, either!

7. Bad habit: You still clean up the kitchen counters with paper towels. Try reusable paper towels instead.

Paper towels are necessary sometimes, but they’re also wasteful. These heavy-duty bamboo towels are more absorbent than regular paper towels, and they’re eco-friendly, too. You’ll save money on those paper products by using these, too.

8. Bad habit: Your posture is atrocious. Try a posture trainer.

Sitting in front of a computer all day takes a toll on your posture. If you’re dealing with back, neck and shoulder pain, try a posture trainer. It will force you to sit up straight and help alleviate the pain your bad posture is causing.

9. Bad habit: You stare at screens all day without protecting your eyes. It would be best if you had blue light glasses.

Staring at screens all day doesn’t just cause shoulder and back pain. It can also cause eye strain and damage, which is why you need blue light glasses. If you get headaches after a long day of work, these are a must. These glasses block harmful blue light and cut down on eye fatigue. This three-pack is super affordable.

10. Bad habit: You still bite your nails. Use this nail polish to remind yourself to stop.

Biting your nails is a nasty habit. It not only ruins your nails but also exposes you to the dirt, grime and bacteria under your nails. Try this nail polish to break the habit. It’s harmless but bitter enough to deter you. It works great for kids, too.

11. Bad habit: You can’t remember the last time you read a book. Make the Kindle your new best friend.

You’ve streaming every show you can think of, so pick up a book instead. Make a little time with your Kindle a part of your daily routine. It will get you in the habit of reading books and holds a ton of them, too. It reads just like books on real paper.

12. Bad habit: You sit all day long. A standing desk will change your life!

Are you still sitting in front of your desk for hours and hours? Change it up with this standing desk. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll feel so much better. It’s adjustable, too — so you won’t have to worry about it being too short or tall.

13. Bad habit: You never get up and move around. A smartwatch will remind you to get in those steps.

I make it a goal to get 10,000 steps a day. It’s tough but not impossible. If you want to keep track of your steps, the Fitbit is a snap to set up and simple to use. It offers many other fitness features, too — but those reminders to get in your steps are a great place to start. It works with iPhones and Android.

14. Bad habit: You always sleep through your alarm. This one will get you out of bed.

If you’re always sleeping through your alarm, why not try an alarm clock on wheels? It forces you to get out of bed to find it, which gets your mind going and starts your day off on time. This one comes in tons of colors and has great reviews.

15. Bad habit: Your cords are a jumbled mess. Straightening things up is easy with the right organizers.

If your desk is a jumbled mess of cords and cables, you need to get things organized. Luckily, that’s easy with the right organizers. This pack of reusable cable ties includes options in three sizes and five colors. You can take them apart, too, and use them over and over again.

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