Terms & Conditions

For our artist residency keep in mind the following terms & conditions:

All work you will do in the community should have the primary goal to have some positive impact (social, cultural, environmental or economic) to the community. Keep that in mind during your stay.

When hosted in Barraco#55, we will be held responsible by the community for any work you do in the area. Therefore, it is important you respect our opinion and advice and take our experience and knowledge seriously.

Barraco #55 cannot be held responsible for unexpected incidents that might somehow impede the realization of your project.

Although the favela is pacified by the military police and violence has descreased significantly, Barraco#55 can not be held resonsible for any negative consequences in the case of violence in the community, including among other things injuries, accidents, theft, etc.


Cancellation policy

30% deposits for residencies are non-refundable.

In case of cancellation after arrival or less than 15 days before arrival, 50% will be charged.

In case of bookings through booking websites, please check the cancellation policies on our profile at these websites.