Target, McDonald’s, Old Navy now require face masks amid COVID-19. See the full list of businesses requiring them.

The nation’s largest retailers are now requiring what some states and cities won’t: the use of face masks.

Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger are the biggest to announce  mask mandates at stores nationwide joining the list of businesses with face covering requirements growing as COVID-19 cases rise. The coronavirus causes the disease COVID-19.

Dozens and dozens of states now require masks in public places, with Alabama, Arkansas and Colorado recently adding mandates. One state went in the opposite direction this week when Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp suspended all local government mask orders on July 15.  

Individual businesses can choose to institute further restrictions, and the National Retail Federation is encouraging retailers to set nationwide mask policies to protect shoppers and employees.

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Retailers requiring masks isn’t new – especially in areas with local orders

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Will Arielle Charnas’ Something Navy Be a ‘Catalyst for Change?’

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Arielle Charnas is bringing her much-talked-about brand to market. Will it find its footing in a time of great uncertainty?

In March, when the world began to buckle under the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, Charnas shared a series of Instagrams showing her taking a COVID-19 test. She had secured the test through personal connections at a time when New York was limiting them to those exhibiting specific baseline symptoms Charnas did not seem to meet.

Brandon, Charnas’ husband, filmed his influencer wife as a nurse reached through the car window to swab the inside of Charnas’ nose. The influencer later revealed that her test had come back positive: She had contracted the virus that has claimed more than 550,000 people worldwide.

Shirking shelter-in-place mandates for those who had the virus, Charnas left New York City to self-isolate among the Hamptons elite. If

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Old Navy, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and more

55 retailers selling cloth face masks online
55 retailers selling cloth face masks online

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Now that we’ve adjusted to the “new normal” in the age of coronavirus (COVID-19)—and now that many states are slowly starting to open back up—staying safe as we venture out to stores, work, and doctor’s appointments is more important than ever. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to slow the spread of the virus when you’re out in public. While not as effective as a medical-grade mask or an N95 mask, these coverings provide an extra layer of protection by blocking respiratory droplets, which is the primary way that COVID-19 is transmitted.

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The demand for these cloth face coverings is

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