Keep Online Cycling Classes Continue Exploration of “Products + Content + Trainer” Model | News

BEIJING, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Keep, a Chinese mobile fitness app, launched live-stream cycling classes this August. As livestreaming became a hit in China, the popular mobile fitness app also explores new models to conduct online fitness.

After its trial period, Keep has also tried other live-stream classes, like yoga, Zumba, calisthenics, and ballet fit.

For example, the live-streamed cycling classes, as the upgraded cycling course content, provides users with multiple options for live-stream classes several times a day, so that members can still benefit from their memberships. In addition, live-streaming will also make users feel a sense of authenticity while taking the classes by creating an immersive experience.

Keep has also made some innovations for livestreaming, like establishing a scoring system that shows real-time rankings, incorporating natural competitive elements in cycling. They have also set different music for different sessions, so that users can cycle to

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Zoom launches OnZoom to facilitate online classes and events

Zoom unveiled an integrated marketplace for online events at its annual Zoomtopia event this morning, signaling the next step in its evolution as a video communications platform.

It has been a whirlwind year for Zoom, the historically enterprise-focused video chat tool that was thrust into the spotlight by the COVID-19 crisis. The San Jose, California-based company’s shares have risen by more than 700% since the start of the year, with its market cap now sitting at $140 billion — up from $17 billion in January. And its revenues and user numbers exhibited hockey stick trajectories as companies around the world suddenly adopted virtual meetings. Thanks to the pandemic, Zoom has become the default communications conduit for virtual family catch-ups, drunken weekend quizzes, yoga classes, and even online dating.

Put simply, Zoom became a verb during lockdown.

But Zoom was also blindsided by the surge in demand it saw across the

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Why Some Kids Are Shy In Remote Learning But Not In-Person Classes

There are many reasons why a child who is not usually introverted at school would be shy in a remote learning setting. (Photo: Mayur Kakade via Getty Images)
There are many reasons why a child who is not usually introverted at school would be shy in a remote learning setting. (Photo: Mayur Kakade via Getty Images)

Remote learning often comes with technical difficulties, but it also can bring about challenges with student engagement.

By now, most students have been in school for about a month and a half to two months, so if you’re a parent, you’ve likely noticed some patterns with your child’s at-home education. Some parents might be surprised to find that their normally talkative child who had no issues participating in class in the past is quite reserved in the virtual classroom.

“A child can be shy in the Zoom situation and outgoing in a real-life situation,” psychologist Sanam Hafeez told HuffPost. “For most people, feeling at ease on camera is a learned behavior, not something that is innate. Just as adults can be completely

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Will Florida continue online classes next semester? Parents seek answers.

When Maria Balestriere enrolled her two children in Pasco County’s mySchool Online, she did so to ensure consistency.

“Our worry was, are these kids going to be in school for two weeks and then all of a sudden you’re quarantined?” said Balestriere, who lives in Wesley Chapel. “I really didn’t want the back and forth.”

Before long, she found the arrangement worked “really, really well.” Her daughter in particular is able to learn and focus with a teacher she likes. Neither of her children — one in fourth grade, the other in seventh — is clamoring to be in a regular classroom.

But Balestriere recognizes that a return to campus could be thrust upon her and thousands of other families that opted for real-time online classes from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

School districts across Florida won state permission to get full funding for the online model for

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The Day – College in Hartford to continue online classes because virus cases doubled

BOSTON (AP) — A look at coronavirus-related developments in New England on Sunday:


Trinity College in Hartford has extended its shift to online classes until at least Friday, Oct. 16.

The Hartford Courant reported Sunday that the decision came after the number of active cases of COVID-19 more than doubled. The announcement came in an email sent late Saturday to students, faculty and staff by school officials.

There are now 45 active cases among the student body — up from 20 last week — according to the school’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Students who live in off-campus housing make up the majority of new cases. Ten students have returned home to quarantine and the rest are being moved into on-campus isolation facilities.

The college requires students to be tested twice a week for the coronavirus, school officials said.



An elementary school in York is going remote for at least

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Essentia Health offers advance care planning classes online | Health

BRAINERD — Advance care planning is a process that helps you think and talk about your choices for health care in the future. It’s important for every adult to have an advance directive, also known as a living will or healthcare directive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought advance care planning to the forefront of people’s minds. While COVID-19 can affect people of any age, it’s especially dangerous for those with underlying medical conditions and those over the age of 65. By having these conversations proactively, you can make sure that your preferences are understood if you become unable to make medical decisions for yourself due to an accident, injury or sudden illness like COVID-19.

Essentia Health is offering free, online classes via Zoom, a video conferencing platform, to learn more about advance care planning. Upcoming classes will be held:

This class will discuss advance care planning and encourage you to

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In-person classes elicit mixed reviews from on-campus, remote students

Eleven students take their seats in a lecture hall meant for more than 100 people, each staggered among the rows and wearing a mask. A professor stands at the front of the room, 50 feet away from the closest student. On a projector screen are seven faces: the students who are attending class virtually. Brown students were allowed to gather for socially distanced, in-person classes starting on Monday for the first time in more than six months.

The University transitioned to Level 2 of reopening Oct. 5, according to a Today@Brown announcement from Russell Carey ‘91 MA’06, executive vice president for planning and policy. In addition to in-person classes, Level 2 allows students to access more food options, reserve study spots in the libraries and gather with their pods without masks, The Herald previously reported

“This move to Level 2 is a testament to the collective commitment of Brown

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Virus uptick prompts Binghamton U. to suspend on-campus classes

A transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2, also known as the 2019 novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, isolated from a patient in the United States. (NIAID-RML)

Binghamton University will suspend in-person classes Thursday for two weeks amid a local increase in coronavirus cases. The Southern Tier school becomes the latest college in New York to switch to remote classes or to tighten rules to try to slow the spread of the virus.

“We remain committed to in-person instruction for the fall semester and will work to make our transition back to in-person activities as quickly as we can under Department of Health guidelines while ensuring the safety of students, faculty and staff,” read a statement from university president Harvey G. Stenger.

Binghamton University reported 89 positive tests in the current two-week reporting period, below the 100-case threshold for state colleges to halt classroom instruction. But

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Tidelands’ virtual fitness classes offer members at-home workout option | Myrtle Beach Area News

PAWLEYS ISLAND — When Tidelands Health surveyed its fitness members, they learned quickly several of their members didn’t want to come back due to COVID-19 concerns.

“We wanted to be able to reach them,” said Kim Vanlandingham, manager of Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness.

HealthPoint has in-person classes in Pawleys Island, which is where Tidelands does its streaming.

“There’s a lot of risk emotionally and physically associated with just being sedentary. So we wanted to make sure everybody was staying with their exercise program,” Vanlandingham continued.

That’s when Tidelands Health expedited pre-COVID plans to stream fitness classes online.

In September, it launched virtual membership for classes such as Zumba, pilates and yoga through a live-streamed format. For $15 per month, members can get their fitness classes in, from the comfort of their own home.

“In general, our facility has a strong social connection with our members,” Vanlandingham said.

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10 tips to get the most out of virtual workout classes

As the pandemic rages on, gyms have largely transitioned to include online programs, many with live workout classes you can join on Zoom. I recently sampled a few, and while I preferred them to the YouTube workouts I’d been doing before, I’m struggling to stay motivated. More often than not I tell myself I’m going to tune into a class and then don’t sign up, opting for a nap or a snack instead. Meanwhile, my belly has turned to mush and my depression and anxiety are on fire.

How can I get the most out of these Zoom fitness classes again and feel more committed to home exercise? I turned to former gym rats and home fitness champions to find out. I also talked to therapists to learn why working out in a group — albeit virtually — can benefit our mental health.

Here’s what they recommended:

1. Designate a

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