Consumers stock up on ‘nesting’ supplies for winter months

After a summer season that saw a run on picnic tables, bikes and pool floats, Americans are facing the prospect of a winter in which Covid-19 is still a threat, social distancing measures remain the norm and indoor gatherings are restricted or banned — all of which have made hot tubs, fire pits and patio heaters literally hot commodities.

Brienne Volpe, an accountant in New Windsor, N.Y., said she hasn’t been able to find patio heaters in stock anywhere.

“The only one that wasn’t on backorder had horrible reviews,” she said. “We’re going to keep looking,” she said, since her two daughters would be able to play outside even when it gets cooler, and she and her husband would be able to socialize in an outdoor and socially distant setting.

“If this goes through the winter, not everybody’s comfortable going inside,” she said. “We actually have a few friends who

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Biden’s low-key campaign style worries some Democrats

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The final stretch of a presidential campaign is typically a nonstop mix of travel, caffeine and adrenaline. But as the worst pandemic in a century bears down on the United States, Joe Biden is taking a lower key approach.

Since his Aug. 11 selection of California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, Biden has had 22 days where he either didn’t make public appearances, held only virtual fundraisers or ventured from his Delaware home solely for church, according to an Associated Press analysis of his schedules. He made 12 visits outside of Delaware during that period, including Friday when he went to Washington and paid respects to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

During the same time, President Donald Trump had 24 trips that took him to 17 different states, not counting a personal visit to New York to see his ailing brother in the

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New Zealand’s Beauty Brands Are Setting The Standard For Sustainability


Here’s What It Takes For Fashion Brands To Be Sustainable. Can The Industry Be Saved?

It’s time to wake up. On Global Day of Climate Action, VICE Media Group is solely telling stories about our current climate crisis. Click here to meet young climate leaders from around the globe and learn how you can take action. By now, the fashion industry’s harmful effects on the environment are well-known. With natural resources being used faster than they can be renewed, and more clothing produced by brands (and thrown out by consumers) than ever before, the environmental impact of the industry, as it currently operates, is catastrophic. “In the U.S., 11 million tons of textiles go into landfills every year,” says Kristy Caylor, CEO and co-founder of For Days, a zero-waste, organic line of basics. “When these clothes decompose, they release methane which is more harmful than CO2.” With this in

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It’s About the Fat, Too

Facial fitness is warming up — and it’s about more than the muscles.

The topic of skin health has expanded over the past few years beyond the epidermis to encompass what lies underneath. Bolstered by an influx of jade rollers, microcurrent devices, facials and procedures, facial muscles have garnered much attention. Now, a beauty industry newcomer is making the case that facial fat is just as fundamental to improving and preserving the overall health of the skin.

Adipeau is a beauty company cofounded by biotech entrepreneur Ivan Galanin, celebrity aesthetician Kristyn Smith and plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Tower. The company, which derives its name from adipose tissue (aka fat), launched earlier this year with the Fat Balance Activator. Priced at $75, the product is meant to improve the health of facial fat.

The Fat Balance Activator was born out of an experiment by Galanin, who had been battling a years-long

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Princess Eugenie is pregnant – this is how the super-rich have babies

eugenie pregnant - Getty
eugenie pregnant – Getty

On September 25, Buckingham Palace confirmed that Princess Eugenie is expecting her first child with husband Jack Brooksbank. Due in early 2021, the baby will be a ninth great-grandchild for the Queen. But royals and the super-rich don’t have babies like the rest of us. No, they have a network of doulas and private hospital wings and top potty trainers to help make life as new parents a little more graceful. This is how the super rich have babies.

Needle matches

Twinkly-eyed Gerad Kite has a reputation for making women pregnant. So much so that the London-based esteemed practitioner of Worsley Five Element acupuncture (a method that focuses on balancing energy flows in the body) has a waiting list and charges £350 for an initial consultation (then £225 thereafter). Kite’s results are legion.

Everyone from Fearne Cotton to Mel C swears by his methods, and his

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The Surprising Ways Climate Change Is Already Affecting Our Health

It’s time to wake up. On Global Day of Climate Action, VICE Media Group is solely telling stories about our current climate crisis. Click here to meet young climate leaders from around the globe and learn how you can take action.

“So, I recognize the irony in this analogy,” begins Renee Salas, MD, MPH, an emergency medicine doctor and a fellow at the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard University. “But the effect climate change has on health is kind of like an iceberg. There are the connections research and science has shown us — that’s what’s above water. But there’s probably so much more going on underneath the surface.”

Even considering that, the effects we can see are shocking. “In 2014, we did a survey of physicians at the National Medical Association [a U.S. organization representing African American physicians and their patients]. It found that

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Tesco, Morrisons and Aldi bring back food rationing

Tesco has urged customers not to panic buy warning it “creates a tension in the supply chain”. - AFP
Tesco has urged customers not to panic buy warning it “creates a tension in the supply chain”. – AFP

Tesco, Morrisons and Aldi have reintroduced food rationing as fears of a second wave of coronavirus rise among shoppers. 

Tesco has today placed limits on toilet roll, with some customers saying there is a limit of just one pack per customer.

Morrisons has confirmed it is rationing selected items, and has introduced buying limits on some of its most popular essentials. Purchases will be restricted to three items per customer on a small number of products including toilet toll and disinfectant, as the country records a high number of new coronavirus cases.

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said panic buying was “unnecessary” and added that it only “creates a tension in the supply chain”.  

A Morrisons spokesman told ITV news that although there is plenty of stock available, it has already implemented

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Are You Doomed To Work Forever? What You Can Do If Your Social Security Isn’t Enough

Making wise financial plans for retirement is essential if you want to enjoy your golden years without having to worry about making ends meet. This is especially true if you will be relying heavily on Social Security and don’t have much in retirement savings to fall back on. Fortunately, there are ways to live cheaply and stretch your dollars now so that you can eventually leave the workforce.

Whether you’re close to retirement age or have a while to go, these are things you can do now to be financially successful in the future.

Last updated: Sept. 25, 2020

Spend Less Than You Earn

Although there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for financial success, there is one universal rule everyone should live by, said J.D. Roth, founder of Get Rich Slowly, a financial website.

“It’s hard to say that there’s one thing that everyone should do,” he said. “I believe that

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Moscow asks elderly to stay home amid new surge

MOSCOW — Moscow authorities have issued a recommendation for the elderly to stay at home and for employers to allow as many people as possible to work remotely, following a rapid growth of coronavirus cases in the Russian capital.

On Friday, health officials reported 7,212 new cases, the highest daily surge since June. In Moscow, the number of new daily infections started to grow last week and was up to over 1,500 on Friday from under 700 two weeks ago.

“None of us want to return to severe restrictions (that were in place) this spring. I hope we can avoid that,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

Sobyanin urged people over 65 years old and those suffering from chronic illnesses to stay at home starting from Monday, limit their contacts with others and leave their residence only when necessary. Employers are recommended to allow as many people as

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Why Little Mix insisted on aftercare for the contestants on their talent show

Little Mix on the set of their talent show, The Search (L-R): Jade Thirlswall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson
Little Mix on the set of their talent show, The Search (L-R): Jade Thirlswall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson

Little Mix say they insisted on aftercare for contestants on their reality show, after seeing how the music industry treats young artists.

“We didn’t have that, really, on the show that we came from,” says Leigh-Anne Pinnock, referring to the band’s experiences on The X Factor.

“We want to make sure that they’re looked after properly and support them,” adds Jade Thirlwall.

The band have been open about the effects of fame on their mental health.

Nelson authored an award-winning documentary last year, explaining how cyber-bullies who criticised her weight and appearance chipped away at her self-confidence, leading to a failed suicide attempt.

Pinnock recently opened up about her personal experiences of racism within the music industry, while Perrie Edwards has revealed she struggled with anxiety and panic attacks.

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