A Kombi do Barraco#55 sera realidade!

Depois de uma campanha emocionante de crowdfunding (vaquinha) feito pela amiga Jeltsje Boersma conseguimos um valor bem razoavel (menos do que esperamos, mas vai dar pra comprar uma Kombi um pouco mais velhinha). Ainda com umas doacoes depois da campanha ter fechado agora a Kombi esta virando realidade. Essa Kombi vai rodar a cidade toda, […]

Favela, Você Mesmo Faz! exhibition review in Rio On Watch

Written by Michel Jaquet, artist in residence in Barraco#55 in April 2014 and architect working on a research on urbanism in Rio’s favelas. “Nestled high up on Alvorada hill, right below a portion of Complexo do Alemão’s photogenic but controversial cable car, Barraco #55 is a community-oriented center for arts and research. As well as hosting regular events such as […]

The Children of Complexo do Alemão

By Ben Stokke   The past two weeks I have spent time in Complexo do Alemao helping to run an exhibition for the community living in the largest complex of favelas in Rio de Janiero.  I have worked alongside a wonderful team of professionals and students in various fields to make and run this exhibition. […]

Complex is Beautiful

By URBZ User Generated Cities (Mumbai) published on 23 dec. 2013. One of the most unbearable aspects of Brazilian “favelas” is the paranoia that surrounds them. That paranoia creates an extraordinary sense of distance, a psychological firewall of fear between “favelas” and the “asphalto” – as the people on the hills call the concrete city […]

Som do Barraco #1: Jessica Souto // EU QUERO VER

Som do Barraco – Sound of Barraco – is a collaborative musical project aiming to promote local musicians, encourage DIY musical production and to boost cultural musical exchange. The encounters occur every two weeks and will produce a music video of every meeting, in which a song of one of the participants will gain attention. […]

Marketing in de Favela

Door: Ellen Sluis De favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Vroeger onbegaanbaar terrein voor de Braziliaanse overheid en de private sector vanwege de gewelddadige confrontaties tussen de heersende drugsgangs en de militaire politie, bekend uit films als Tropa de Elite en City of God, maar sinds ruim twee jaar gezien als goudmijn met miljoenen potentiële consumenten […]

favela tourism as a means of reclaiming space

By Emily LeBaron  some thoughts swirling around my head this morning: from what i’m hearing and seeing, favela residents in Alemao feel their communities have been invaded and taken over by UPP/BOPE forces. in this sense their daily experience is a military/political occupation, and a dispute over space. but while many external to the favleas […]


Rio Zoo: Seeing the favela from above or from the inside?

This article was published in Volkskrant Magazine on August 24th, 2013. The photos below were taken in the favela Complexo do Alemão by the Dutch photographer Martin Dijkstra. He stayed in Complexo do Alemão in January 2013 and wanted to portrait everyday life and its particularities in one of the biggest favelas of Rio de Janeiro. […]

rio de janeiro favela cutural centre