JAM do Barraco #55

Author: Sterre Gilsing

Our guest author for this blogpost is Sterre Gilsing. Sterre is doing a reseach master of Cultural Anthropology and is currently staying and participating in Barraco #55.

Finally Saturday the 8th of September has come, the day of the fourth JAM do Barraco. The day starts with the film workshop given by Rodrigo. Luis, his student, has a lot to film on Praça #55, the square next to the hostel/cultural centre "Arte na Favela"where the JAM is going to take place. People walking up and down the street, filling the refrigerator in the shack with beer, Eddu making a bench of carpet and tubes that normally function as electricity poles, Carlinhos connecting wires for the sound, laptops and the beamer that projects visuals on the wall above the graffiti painting.

The party starts at 7, people gather on the square and by passers stop to watch the musicians that take turns in jamming together. People enjoy the music and a beer and some dare to taste the ‘arabic pizza’ with humus. Next to the shack Maria set out her collection of self-made bracelets and in the mean time she braids tereres in hair.

Fernanda, the singer who recorded the music video of her song ‘Arte na Favela’ two weeks ago on the square, is also present. When she gets behind the microphone the square is at its fullest and the evening is successful. Then it is time for the people who want to go home by metro to leave. The combi, public transport in the form of a white Volkswagen van, arrives, but the three seating places are not enough for the four people who have to leave. However, the german guitarist decides to solve the problem by jumping in the back of the van, holding his guitar. Leila, the neighbor of the square, who was just talking to the guy bursts into laughing. Crazy foreigners.

In the mean time the refrigerator empties and the table with painted doll fills with empty beer and guarana cans. Babies fall asleep in the arms of their mum or dad and music from the playlist on the laptop fills the air. Two girls take over the street while hooping. One guy also wants to try but gives up when he noticed that he can no longer control his hips.














Around one thirty it’s time to wrap things up. The group of men who first were watching from a distance now sit at the table on the square and hand out cola. He drums are carried inside, the electricity cables disconnected and the square swept. In the livingroom of Barraco #55 team Barraco evaluates the evening. A lot can be done better, but given the many enthusiastic reactions, it seems like a lot of people had a great night!


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