Cinemoto I: screening in Complexo de Alemão

After almost 2 weeks in Rio’s Complexo de Alemão, we figured it was about time to get some action. Although we’re still trying to figure out the best way to work and live together, we are getting a little closer to what we are aiming for every day.

Over a beer and some fried fish, we discussed the possibilities of organizing a Cinemoto event. We would drive around on Eddu’s motor/vespa/barrel and would screen various videos on several places within the favela. Apart from some technical difficulties, screening videos openly on the street goes a lot easier than anywhere in Europe (maybe apart from Berlin) and from anything I am used to. So when Eddu offered to do a screening right the next day, my first reaction was ofcourse one of resistance. How could we possibly arrange everything in one day? It was then that I found out that Brazil isn’t Holland and that we could actually pull something cool off in one day!
After picking up my mother from the airport, Eddu and Rodrigo went to the place of action t set up the whole installation while Ellen, mom and me prepared some good old Dutchie Croquettes. Although we had only been here for 1 week, the Dutchie food was already missed…

A mototaxi ride later we found ourselves surrounded by kids spraying graffiti: BARRACO #55 all over the place. When the church mass finished next door, also the older kids and adults gathered for a second to watch the intervention and Rodrigo was even explicably invited to join for the next mass the week after. We soon figured that church life takes in an important role in the lives of many here and there is to be found one almost on every street corner. Watching the kids coming from church to spray graffity on it afterwards therefore generated a somewhat dubious feeling.

All in all, the intervention was a great success and people were overall really interested in participating and seeiing more. A good incentive and motivation for us to continue working like this. A video of the whole event will be up soon. Untill then, you can watch the foto’s of the intervention here

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