Libyan suspect may have considered travelling abroad to join Islamist group, security sources say

Police officers place flowers left by people outside the police cordon nearer the scene of multiple stabbings in Reading, Britain: Reuters
Police officers place flowers left by people outside the police cordon nearer the scene of multiple stabbings in Reading, Britain: Reuters

The Libyan man accused of launching a terror attack that left three victims dead in Reading may have considered travelling abroad to wage jihad, according to security sources.

Khairi Saadallah, a 25-year-old asylum seeker, came to the attention of the security and intelligence agencies in 2019 when they received information he was seeking to join an Islamist group in the Middle East.

Mr Saadallah was put under surveillance, but the investigation was closed when the journey did not take place.

He was subsequently jailed after being convicted of a minor crime, and authorities would not confirm whether he was still under probation supervision at the time of the attack.

Security agencies are investigating whether Mr Saadallah had been indoctrinated by Islamist extremism, and the fellow inmates he met while

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Reopened pubs may require drinkers to register, Matt Hancock suggests

Coronavirus Article Bar with counter ..
Coronavirus Article Bar with counter ..

Customers in England may be asked to register when they arrive at pubs and restaurants as part of the the Government’s plan for reopening the hospitality sector, Matt Hancock has suggested.

The Health Secretary has confirmed that ministers will announce a further easing of the lockdown this week, with restrictions potentially lifting as soon as July 4.

Asked about reports that ministers are considering plans to ask diners and drinkers to register as they enter a venue, he said: “I wouldn’t rule that out. There are other countries in the world that take that approach.”

It follows the news that Boris Johnson is set to announce a new “one metre plus” rule for all venues, including shops, restaurants, schools, offices, and parks, in an overhaul designed to unlock swathes of the economy.

The move, which would take effect from July 4, is understood to

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INSIGHT-Billions in COVID relief go to biggest hospital chains as smaller rivals await aid

By Chad Terhune

June 9 (Reuters) – Spared the worst of COVID-19, the largest for-profit hospital chains in the United States are pursuing a speedy recovery backed by billions of dollars in federal aid, while other hospitals say they have been harder hit and left wanting.

HCA Healthcare Inc, the biggest chain, has received $5.3 billion in loans and grants thus far from the federal government to offset lost business and higher expenses from the coronavirus pandemic. Tenet Healthcare Corp, the second-largest chain by revenue and beds, has disclosed more than $2 billion in similar loans and grants.

Meantime, the two chains, which own hundreds of hospitals, outpatient surgery centers and clinics, are telling investors that COVID-19 wasn’t as severe as expected in most of their markets, and that business is ramping back up. Shares in Tenet have doubled since the market lows in mid-March, while HCA shares have soared

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A new Cuomo emerged amid a global pandemic, experts wonder if he can maintain his mojo

ALBANY — For three months, as a deadly virus gripped New York in its vice, Gov. Cuomo calmed a nervous and uneasy public during daily televised briefings that revealed a seldom-seen side of the governor.

For millions of Americans, a daily dose of Cuomo was just what the doctor ordered as the coronavirus ravaged the state and the death toll climbed. Concise, candid and full of PowerPoint slides, the gov’s data-driven press conferences offered a sense of stability amid the uncertainty.

The briefings quickly became must-see TV, 59 million online views alone, not to mention cable and network broadcasts, helping to send the third-term governor’s job approval and popularity rating soaring.

The daily on-camera appearances spawned satirical social media impersonations, Etsy shops stocked with Cuomo-themed goods and fawning from self-proclaimed “cuomosexuals.”

Longtime political observers, who described the governor as a calculating and meticulous manager obsessed with details and the machinations

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‘I wonder if my wallet or body will recover?’

My Money is a series looking at how people spend their money – and the sometimes tough decisions they have to make. Here Zak Hoblyn from London takes us through a week in his life as a first-time buyer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally from Wiltshire, Zak is 27 and lives in North London with his fiancée Leah who is a radio presenter. He works as a lift and crane engineering surveyor and loves his job. However, he says it is made hard by his height; reaching for door releases can be difficult at 5ft 6″. The couple hope to get married in July 2021 in Glastonbury.

He enjoys running so much he describes himself as “addicted” to it. He is running both the rescheduled Tokyo and London marathons (last year he completed the Paris marathon – his first ever.) Another hobby is finding bars and pubs in an attempt

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What does the future hold for this rare and reclusive animal?

China has removed pangolin parts from its official list of traditional medicines, state media reported this month (Photo by SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images): AFP via Getty Images
China has removed pangolin parts from its official list of traditional medicines, state media reported this month (Photo by SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images): AFP via Getty Images

This has become the unofficial year of the pangolin – the shy and reclusive creatures have harnessed global attention after being identified as a possible link in the coronavirus pandemic.

The new focus may end up being a relative blessing for conservationists who for years have urged greater protection for the endangered species.

The Independent’s Stop The Wildlife Trade campaign was launched by its shareholder Evgeny Lebedev to call for an end to high-risk wildlife markets and for an international effort to regulate the illegal trade in wild animals to reduce the risk of future pandemics.

In 2017, the status of all eight species of pangolins was upgraded in the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna

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Rishi Sunak hints two-metre rule will be relaxed next week

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak arriving into Downing Street - Jonathan Brady/PA
The Chancellor Rishi Sunak arriving into Downing Street – Jonathan Brady/PA

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has given a major hint that current two-metre distancing guidelines will be relaxed when the Government publishes the findings of a review next week.

“The outcome of that review will be announced this week, obviously that’s something that will make an enormous difference I think to many businesses who are keen to see a change,” Mr Sunak told reporters in Yorkshire today.

“Obviously we need to go through that review but I’m very understanding of the calls for action on that, particularly for our hospitality industry, for our pubs, for our restaurants, (they) are keen to see if there’s some change that can be made there.”

Mr Sunak added that the progress in curbing the spread of coronavirus means that the Government can begin to “kick-start” the economy, starting with high streets.

It comes a day

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The attack that highlighted an epidemic of abuse

Before last week, Debbie Kaore was best known in Papua New Guinea as a champion boxer who won gold at the Pacific Games in 2015 and had recently made a career-changing move to rugby.

Then last Friday, a video was widely shared on social media that showed Ms Kaore being violently attacked with a hot iron in her home. The video was posted on TikTok and Instagram by her friend, with permission, and went viral. Ms Kaore’s partner Murray Oa, a lieutenant in the Papua New Guinean army, was arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm.

Graphic pictures showed terrible injuries on the rugby player’s face and body. “I realised if I didn’t get out of our room, he would burn me alive,” she said in an interview with the BBC.

The footage of her Ms Kaore’s assault has shone a light on the extent of domestic abuse in Papua

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I Don’t Look Sick But I’ve Had MS For 14 Years. Here’s How It’s Changed My Life.

The author. (Photo: Brad Fowler / Song of Myself Photography)
The author. (Photo: Brad Fowler / Song of Myself Photography)

My headaches appeared out of nowhere. For several weeks in 2006, I couldn’t do my job as a journalist without feeling a nagging pain directly behind my right eye. My co-worker was worried, but I wasn’t. We were reporters working long hours, and I attributed my ailment to eyestrain from staring at the computer every day.

“Just go to the doctor,” she said.

I was only 26 but decided to visit my eye doctor’s office in New York City just to be sure. When I mentioned the headaches, he asked me to cover my left eye so he could test my right one.

“Can you see what color this is?” he asked.

I squinted with my right eye. I couldn’t. My left eye had been compensating for my weak one, and I hadn’t even realized it.

“What’s wrong with me?”

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Kate Middleton Steps Out for Her First Public Appearance Since Quarantine

Kate Middleton just made her first public appearances since quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On June 18, The Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Fakenham Garden Center while Prince William spent time at Smiths the Bakers to discuss how local businesses are dealing with the international health crisis. Earlier this week, the Duke of Cambridge thanked essential emergency workers in person at an ambulance station at Queen Elizabeth Hospital for their efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“As non-essential shops start reopening in parts of the UK, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited two independent businesses to hear how they have been impacted by coronavirus, and how they are returning to a new normal,” reps wrote on the official Kensington Royal Instagram page.

Kate Middleton reportedly wore a padded vest by Fjallraven, skinny jeans from Massimo Dutti, a linen shirt from Jaeger, and her famous Superga sneakers to

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