‘Be The Bridge’; Trash Talk; Truth’s Truths

ACROSS AMERICA — “Be the bridge,” Bethany Bernhard and like-minded people the Milwaukee area say in their racial reconciliation group by the same name.

The mantra isn’t just words. It’s action.

Bernhard was horrified when she saw racially charged graffiti spray painted over a sign advertising his boat for sale. She thought about her Black friends and how the message of hate would hurt their hearts.

She and her neighbor, Stephanie Kosidowski, got their own spray paint cans.

“Be kind,” the new sign instructs. By Karen Pilarski for Waukesha Patch

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Trash Talk

Stephanie Hongo loves to talk trash. She’s kind of entitled because, after all, she’s turned it into an art form. The Connecticut artist often met with questions about what it means to be a trash sculptor. Basically, the artist who goes by “Sugarfox” turns things

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Cuomo says New York will review vaccines approved by feds; Missouri city bans dancing a la ‘Footloose’

New York state officials will conduct a review of any coronavirus vaccines approved by the federal government before recommending them to New Yorkers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

Cuomo said he feared President Donald Trump would strongarm the FDA into using insufficiently rigorous standards to approve vaccines.

“We are going to put together our own review committee that will advise me, so i can look at the camera and I can say ‘It is safe to take,'” Cuomo said.

In Houston, a study by researchers indicates the coronavirus, which has infected almost 7 million people in the U.S. alone, may have mutated to a more contagious strain if not more deadly.

In Britain, the government is considering a plan to intentionally infect healthy volunteers to expedite a determination on which vaccine candidates are effective.

In Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson, who balked at requiring masks, has tested positive for the virus.

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‘No value’ in swabbing asymptomatic people, Ontario invests $1B to expand testing

Yahoo News Canada is committed to providing our readers with the most accurate and recent information on all things coronavirus. We know things change quickly, including some possible information in this story. For the latest on COVID-19, we encourage our readers to consult online resources like Canada’s public health website, World Health Organization, as well as our own Yahoo Canada homepage.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians seem to be increasingly concerned about their health and safety.

Currently, there are more than 6,771 active cases of COVID-19 in Canada (with more than 134,900 diagnoses so far) and 9,100 deaths. Nearly 90 per cent of the country’s reported COVID-19 cases have recovered.

Check back for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak in Canada.

For a full archive of the first month of the pandemic, please check our archive of events.

September 24

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Hundreds of spa hotels back scheme to make the wellness industry more inclusive for cancer patients

Woman having a facial - Getty
Woman having a facial – Getty

Top UK spa hotels including Rudding Park, Grantley Hall and Sopwell House are backing a new accreditation body to make treatments and therapies more accessible for people with cancer.

Holistic practices such as massages and reflexology are said to be a “lifeline” for many people undergoing hospital treatment, but spas and hotels have been known to refuse access to therapy over fears of insurance repercussions and lack of training. 

The newly launched Standard Authority in Touch for Cancer Care (SATCC) will provide an industry-recognised, accredited platform with training courses for staff, giving those affected by cancer access to appropriately qualified spa therapists and centres, meaning they will no longer have to worry about being turned away at the door, or reactions from inexperienced therapists.

SATCC, which launched on Monday, September 21, and covers the UK and Ireland, is spearheaded by Susan Harmsworth MBE, who

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If a metal album is released in a pandemic, does it make a sound? Deftones are about to find out

"I think of all the shows I've played where the whole point is that I'm in people's faces screaming," says Deftones singer Chino Moreno. "I don't know when that'll ever happen again." <span class="copyright">(Tamar Levine)</span>
“I think of all the shows I’ve played where the whole point is that I’m in people’s faces screaming,” says Deftones singer Chino Moreno. “I don’t know when that’ll ever happen again.” (Tamar Levine)

The job of any good metal album is capturing fans’ collective despair and fury. But how do you get them into a new record if even the band can’t be in the same room together due to COVID-19?

When Chino Moreno tracked his vocals for Deftones’ new album “Ohms,” he barely bumped into a soul.

“Instead of getting a hotel, Terry [Date, the band’s producer] had this trailer in his driveway and I slept out there. I wouldn’t even go to the store for groceries,” Moreno, 47, says of the weeks in rural Woodinville, Wash., finishing the album as COVID-19 shut down concerts and any other place where people got within spitting distance. “This was back

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Working From Home in a Pandemic Is Not Shirking It


3 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Are Flirting With a Bottom

In the investing game, it’s not only about what you buy; it’s about when you buy it. One of the most common pieces of advice thrown around the Street, “buy low” is touted as a tried-and-true tactic.Sure, the strategy seems simple. Stock prices naturally fluctuate on the basis of several factors like earnings results and the macro environment, amongst others, with investors trying to time the market and determine when stocks have hit a bottom. In practice, however, executing on this strategy is no easy task.On top of this, given the volatility that has ruled the markets over the last few weeks, how are investors supposed to gauge when a name is flirting with a bottom? That’s where the Wall Street pros come in.These expert stock pickers have identified three compelling tickers whose current share prices land close to

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Swiss university’s undergrads all quarantined

Swiss health authorities have ordered a quarantine for 2,500 students at a prestigious hospitality management school after “significant outbreaks” of the coronavirus that are a suspected byproduct of off-campus partying.

Authorities in Switzerland’s Vaud canton, or region, said all undergraduates at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, known as the Lausanne Hospitality Management University in English, have been ordered to quarantine both on- and off-campus because the number of COVID-19 outbreaks meant targeted closures were not possible.

School administrators were taking “all necessary measures” to ensure that classes were continuing online, the regional office said in a statement.

University spokesman Sherif Mamdouh said Thursday that the situation was “not ideal” but that the university took precautions in recent months. He said that 11 students had tested positive for the coronavirus and none required hospitalization.

The World Health Organization, national health authorities and others have cautioned that young people have been a

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This Stanford Student Spent His Summer Helping The Hospitalized Register To Vote

U.S. voter registration numbers are up big in some places, but they are down even bigger in others. Where they’re down, the cloud of Covid-19 is clearly the culprit. The threat of catching the highly communicable coronavirus concerns millions, while millions have already caught it — more than 7 million, according to the latest Johns Hopkins data.

Thousands are in treatment or recovery. But being sick and hospitalized doesn’t mean you give up your right to vote. How are those voters supposed to exercise their rights?

Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA candidate Ben Ruxin spent the summer helping to answer that question. As the strategy and operations intern at VotER, a nonprofit whose mission is to strengthen healthcare “one vote at a time,” Ruxin helped hospital patients register to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

“Voter registration has gone down as much as 70% in some states, largely due

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Venezuela calls US ‘serious threat to peace’

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Latest from the U.N. General Assembly (all times EDT):

6:50 p.m.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has blasted the United States as “the most serious threat to peace in the world” in a speech to the U.N. General Assembly while calling for the Trump administration to lift punishing sanctions.

In a lengthy speech, Maduro said his nation is prepared to resist “criminal, inhumane aggression” aimed at ousting him from power while also leaving open the possibility of dialogue.

The message touching on topics ranging from COVID-19 to recent U.S. protests was prerecorded and played before the U.N. gathering Wednesday.

Maduro didn’t attend the annual event last year amid mounting pressure from the U.S. and nearly 60 other nations to step down.

The virtual gathering this year allowed him to return to the world stage.

The speech comes as Maduro gains an upper hand in the political

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Illinois launches online system to track rape kits in new cases. But not every hospital is on board.

Sexual assault survivors in Illinois now have the ability to track evidence in new cases.

The Illinois State Police, which runs state laboratories that analyze DNA evidence, launched a long-awaited tracking system for rape kits in August. Survivors will receive a case number in a hospital emergency room that allows them to access location information.

Many survivors had been anticipating tracking their kits, but the system is not retroactive; tracking numbers are assigned only for new cases, according to ISP.

Beth Hundsdorfer, a spokesperson for Illinois State Police, said survivors with cases before Aug. 14 should check with the investigating agency for more information. She noted that lab work on all previous sexual assault cases should be completed within six months.

Efforts to create the tracking system, which advocates say can boost accountability and support survivors, have long been underway; the system was initially supposed to launch in 2019 but

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