This Guy’s Mental Health Breakthrough Led to a Complete Body Transformation

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I live in a small city in India, and in 2017, when I was 16, it felt like my whole life had fallen apart. My partner dumped me at the same time that my family was having some financial problems. It felt like it was all piling on and my mental health took a really sharp turn.

I was trying to pretend like everything was fine, because I didn’t have the courage to tell my family or seek any professional help. Because things weren’t great at home, I would walk around my city for hours at a time. My focus was wrecked, and my school work suffered. I barely managed to pass exams.

Some of my friends noticed I was acting different, and asked me what was going on. “Why haven’t you talked to us for the past few weeks?” they asked. I made lame excuses like

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Online shopping a steep learning curve for Cuba

Havana (AFP) – When Jorge Noris first tried online shopping, Cuban-style, the products he bought never turned up.

Like most people, the father of two living on the outskirts of Havana was seduced by the convenience of shopping over the internet.

However, Cuba’s catch-up with the world of e-commerce, encouraged by its communist rulers during the coronavirus lockdown, has left many users angry.

“After a month, the store called me to ask if the order had arrived,” said Noris, a 34-year-old technician. He was similarly stunned when he discovered he had to travel into the shop to be reimbursed.

Worldwide, the online food trade has been given a massive shot in the arm by the pandemic. With millions confined to their homes, online consumer activity soared by 300 percent in Italy and Spain, and 100 percent in France, according to pollsters Nielsen.

But the experience is still a novel one

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Illegal lockdown parties hosted in online rentals

Lockdown parties hosted in properties booked via online sites, including Airbnb and, are putting “communities at risk”, the Bed and Breakfast Association has said.

Hosts and residents have complained of groups of up to 30 breaking social-distancing rules and taking drugs.

BBC News has been told of several such parties in the past month.

Airbnb has suggested it has gone further than its rivals to protect public health during the pandemic.

However, last week a man was stabbed at a party in a south London property police believe had been rented out via the platform.

‘Take responsibility’

Following a previous BBC News investigation into “coronavirus retreats”, Airbnb had told users they could make bookings if they were key workers or required “essential stays” only.

But that restriction is to be lifted, in line with local rules on hotels and self-catering accommodation, in:

Rival platform does not currently flag

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Marta Pozzan Fosters Mental Health With a Little Help From VR

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The coronavirus pandemic has not only scuppered global economies and the entire fashion industry, it has also left customers in the grip of anxiety and fear.

During the months of lockdown enforced in almost every country, the online world promised to represent a safe haven for people in quarantine to spend their time scrolling down their Instagram feeds, and hopefully find some inspiring and enlivening content.

Marta Pozzan, an Italian influencer who moved to Los Angeles eight years ago to attend an acting class and has stayed there ever since, understood that, as a content creator, her role should and could be to address topics and subjects that felt more intimate and meaningful. Tapping into new means and technologies — including VR — in a quest not only for diversification but also for the spread of positive messages also emerged as a priority.

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Online Mental-Health Care Shouldn’t End With the Pandemic

(Bloomberg Opinion) — It’s been a grim few months for the U.S., with some 120,000 Americans dead from Covid-19 and tens of millions out of work. So it’s no surprise that many are feeling on edge. As of early June, more than one in three Americans reported experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety — a dramatic increase from roughly one in 10 last year.

This doesn’t mean one-third of Americans have a diagnosable mental disorder, but many would surely benefit from professional help. Even before the pandemic struck, more than half of those with mental-health disorders went untreated or undertreated. The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt made this problem worse. But it has also, fortuitously, made it easier than ever for people to see therapists and psychiatrists from home. Policy-makers and insurers should build on this recent expansion of telehealth, and make it permanent feature of U.S. mental-health care.  


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what effect is this having on our health?

Adults are spending a quarter of their time online. (Getty Images)
Adults are spending a quarter of their time online. (Getty Images)

UK adults are spending a quarter of their lives online, new figures have revealed.

With coronavirus lockdown seeing us turning to technology to keep in touch with friends and family, it’s hardly surprising that Internet use has increased across the UK.

But, a new study by Ofcom has shed light on just how much of our time we’re spending virtually right now.

The broadcast regulator said its latest Online Nation report for April – the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK – found adults spent an average of just over four hours a day online.

And while we can’t deny we were enjoying a good scroll pre-lockdown, the figure is well up from the 3.5 hours recorded in September last year.

Read more: Pets ‘crucial to owners’ morale’ while WFH during lockdown

It’s likely we’ve seen a

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B.C.’s new virus models renew hope for Canadian travel, Atlantic Canada considers travel bubble

Yahoo News Canada is committed to providing our readers with the most accurate and recent information on all things coronavirus. We know things change quickly, including some possible information in this story. For the latest on COVID-19, we encourage our readers to consult online resources like Canada’s public health website, World Health Organization, as well as our own Yahoo Canada homepage.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians seem to be increasingly concerned about their health and safety

Currently, there are more than 101,900 confirmed coronavirus cases in Canada and more than 8,400 deaths.

Check back for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak in Canada.

For a full archive of the first month of the pandemic, please check our archive of events.

June 23

7:00 p.m.: B.C.’s latest modelling data shows a safe increase of personal contacts in the province

B.C. Ministry of Health
B.C. Ministry
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Could being good at math make smokers more likely to quit?

New US research has found that smokers who are better at math might be more likely to quit the habit than those who aren’t so good with numbers.

Carried out by researchers at The Ohio State University, the new study looked at 696 adult smokers and asked them to complete a short, standardized test measuring their math ability, also called numeracy, at the beginning of the study.

The participants were then shown eight different cigarette warning labels, four times each, which came with an image to elicit a high emotional response, such as a photo of a diseased lung, and a low emotional response, such as a cartoon gravestone. The labels also came with some numerical information that gave the participants facts about the dangers of smoking, for example, “75.4 percent of smokers will die before the age of 85, compared to 53.7 percent of non-smokers.” The participants were asked

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As Theaters Reopen, Fandango Will Offer New Health and Safety Guidelines for 100+ Chains

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As theaters around the U.S. begin to reopen, rules will vary from chain to chain and location to location — and it might get complicated keeping health and safety procedures straight. Fandango wants to make it easier. The online movie ticket purveyor on Tuesday began rolling out new features on both its app and website, including coronavirus safety information from 100 theater chains. The new resources include social-distance seating maps, a one-stop guide to safety policies, a special search filter to find reopened theaters by location, instructional videos, and much more.

“At Fandango, our mission has always been super-serving fans with their entertainment needs, and we cannot wait to help fans get back the big screen safely and at the right time,” said Fandango President Paul Yanover in an official statement. “It’s a complicated rollout, with various states, cities and counties opening their

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How the pandemic is highlighting a need for ‘affordable, accessible’ options

From temperature checks to shifts in teacher-child ratios, the coronavirus pandemic has ushered in new protocols for childcare providers. (Getty Images stock photo)
From temperature checks to shifts in teacher-child ratios, the coronavirus pandemic has ushered in new protocols for childcare providers. (Getty Images stock photo)

One of the biggest disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic was a lack of adequate childcare, with schools closing, daycare centers being shut down or available only to the children of essential workers and parents working to keep their little ones safe and free from those outside the family unit, including babysitters. While some have managed to juggle their work with home-schooling and diaper-changing, others turned to family members for assistance or hired sitters and nannies who could commit to social distancing and safe practices outside the home.

Now, as states reopen and daycares resume business — albeit with strict new regulations regarding temperature checks, quarantine protocol for sick staffers and disinfection of shared spaces — many families are now easing back into the childcare arrangements they

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