Get Ready for Omnichannel Fitness To Change the Way You Work Out Forever

In the time BC—before COVID—digital and IRL workouts were like the David and Alexis Rose of the fitness world—constantly at odds with each other. Most people were either living room workout warriors or swore that they would never give up their gym memberships or studio passes. There were plenty of online-only offerings out there (Mirror, Obé, and Aaptiv, for example) but many major brands stayed true to their brick and mortar roots (Barry’s, for one). But as stay-at-home orders forced us all to embrace the practice of working out at home, it has paved the way for a future “omnichannel fitness”—in which brands have begun to offer fitness classes via both their online platforms and in brick and mortar locations—proving that it is possible for digital and IRL fitness to get along.

In the early days of quarantine, studios across the country rushed to bring their offerings online. Cult-favorites like

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Washington Passes 60,000 Total Coronavirus Cases

SEATTLE, WA — Washington has hit another coronavirus milestone, now officially topping 60,000 cases of the disease. The Washington State Department of Health reported 705 new coronavirus infections Wednesday, as well as five more deaths.

Deaths Wednesday were reported in Grays Harbor, and Spokane County. One death mistakenly assigned to Snohomish County was also moved.

The latest numbers mean a total of 60,084 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the state since the outbreak began, and 1,624 people have died.

Since the crisis began, 51 percent of deaths have been recorded among people aged 80 or older, 38 percent in people age 60 to 79, 9 percent in people age 40 to 59 and 1 percent among people age 20 to 39. Conversely, younger adults make up the bulk of coronavirus cases with 39 percent of cases in patients age 20 to 39.

An issue recording the number

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note20 & Z Fold Smartphones

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Samsung unveiled two new Galaxy Note20 smartphones on Wednesday that the company promises will deliver bigger, brighter screens, a speedier processor, and faster autofocus from the camera.

The tech giant also announced an updated version of the dual-screen Galaxy Fold smartphone, featuring a redesigned hinge and a much larger front display.

Like the S20 models released by the manufacturer earlier this year, the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra are equipped to access 5G service on carrier networks.

The Note phone’s S-Pen stylus has been outfitted with new tricks, too. To start, Samsung says it has reduced the device’s latency by 40 percent, trimming the time it takes for what you scribble to show up on the phone’s screen.

Available for preorder Thursday, the phones officially go on sale Aug. 21. The Note20—which offers 128 gigabytes of storage—will be

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Hilary Duff says she lost weight while enjoying bread, chocolate and wine

Instead of gaining the quarantine 15, Hilary Duff has transformed her body into fitness machine.

And she says she’s been able to do so by still eating the foods she enjoy.

Posing in a strapless bikini and sunglasses, the 32-year-old “Lizzie McGuire” star revealed how she was able to obtain her fantastic physique.

“I’ve still been counting my macros with my man and it’s truly helped me stay lean even while eating bread, chocolate, and wine!,” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

Duff revealed that her quarantine routine was due to trial and error, revealing she is working with a fitness studio alongside a nutrition coach.

Shouting out Novo Body Fitness, which also offers online workouts, the actress/actress said that she is “grateful I have found what works for me.”

Duff offered encouraging words of advice to her fans who might also be struggling in their weight-loss journey.

“I know

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10 UK alternatives to crowded Cornwall

The coast near Kimmeridge Bay - getty
The coast near Kimmeridge Bay – getty

Millions of Britons are swapping their usual holiday in the Med for a summer staycation. But with Cornwall and Devon oversubscribed, where can you go for peace and quiet? Our UK experts suggest their favourite lesser-known corners.

Carmarthenshire: Cinderella of the Welsh coast

This criminally unsung county’s shore is the Cinderella of the Welsh coast, overshadowed by the Gower to the east and rugged Pembrokeshire to the west. Yet the generous curves of Carmarthen Bay are draped with gold – notably the eight-mile stretch at Cefn Sidan, Wales’s longest beach. Swimmers and sandcastle architects are drawn to this broad strand, along with photographers capturing views across the ribs of decaying shipwrecks to the Gower.

Beyond its grassy dunes stretches Pembrey Country Park (, a 500-acre wooded hinterland offering a host of family-friendly activities including cycling, nature trails and even a dry ski slope.

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Hilary Duff reveals how she lost weight while enjoying bread, chocolate and wine

Hilary Duff may have a toned beach bod but the “Lizzie McGuire” star attests that she has been eating her way through quarantine.

Duff took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her fantastic physique and discuss how she found balance.

MORE: Hilary Duff releases new music for the 1st time in 4 years

Posing in a strapless bikini, the 32-year-old discussed how she was able to obtain her enviable figure, saying, “I’ve still been counting my macros with my man and it’s truly helped me stay lean even while eating bread, chocolate, and wine!”

Duff revealed that slimming down during quarantine was a result of trial and error and said she is working with a fitness studio alongside a nutrition coach.

Giving a shout-out to Novo Body Fitness, which also offers online workouts, the “Younger” star said she is “grateful I have found what works for me.”


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Google-Fitbit Probe Shows EU Is Wising Up to Value of Data

(Bloomberg) — Silicon Valley giants used to snap up smaller tech firms at will, safe in the knowledge that antitrust regulators rarely prevented them from expanding into new industries.

The European Commission showed on Aug. 4 that those days are gone, opening an in-depth probe into Google’s $2.1 billion takeover of Fitbit Inc. — an investigation that focuses on the potentially huge value of its trove of customer data.

The EU authority will investigate how Google could bolster its “data advantage” in online advertising with information it collects from Fitbit fitness. The probe, which has an initial Dec. 9 deadline, raises the risk of a potential veto.

The commission “seems to be finally seizing a unique opportunity to stand up to digital dominance that seeks to exploit our most intimate data for profit,” said Ioannis Kouvakas of Privacy International, which lobbied for a longer EU probe. The deal would strengthen

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31 Simple Ways Experts Stay Resilient, Hopeful, And *Happy* During The Toughest Times

Photo credit: D’Ara Nazaryan
Photo credit: D’Ara Nazaryan

From Women’s Health

  • This year’s been a doozy for your mental health, no doubt. Enter: the WH coping manual to help you survive and thrive through any emotional disaster (as well as the small stuff you still sweat)…and crush it every step of the way.

How are you? Seriously, check in with yourself. What was the answer? “Fine”? “Not great, but I don’t want to complain because people have it worse”? “Ready to blast off to space”? It’s no secret that 2020 has felt like an active volcano, in which spewing news cycles are followed by simmering states of despair.

Now for the good: There’s a ton of actions you can take to Keep. Moving. Forward. So fantasize for a minute here. If you want to learn to play tennis, you’d (in an alternate universe) call Serena Williams. Biz advice? You might go to Sheryl Sandberg.

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‘Why the hell would I take a test?’

WASHINGTON — Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden shrugged off a question Tuesday about taking a cognitive assessment test, which President Trump has challenged him to do — while misrepresenting what the test measures. 

In an exchange with CBS’s Errol Barnett during a wide-ranging, multi-moderator interview at a conference of Black and Latino journalists, Biden balked at Barnett’s question about whether Biden had even taken an exam.

“No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?” responded Biden, who then posed a rhetorical analogy.

“C’mon man,” he chided Barnett. “That’s like saying, ‘You — before you got on this program you took a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?’”

Barnett followed up by asking Biden what he would say to Trump, “who brags about his test and makes your mental state an issue for voters?”


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Google’s Fitbit Acquisition Hits EU Roadblock

Europe isn’t letting up on antitrust scrutiny of tech behemoths like Google.

The European Commission said Tuesday it has opened an “in-depth investigation” into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, which makes and sells smartwatches focused on activity tracking. Google said in November that it was paying $2.1 billion for the company, giving Google an immediate foothold in the wearables market, which is dominated by rival Apple with its popular Apple Watch.

“The data collected via wrist-worn wearable devices appears, at this stage of the commission’s review of the transaction, to be an important advantage in the online advertising markets,” the regulators wrote in a statement. “By increasing the data advantage of Google in the personalization of the ads it serves via its search engine and displays on other Internet pages, it would be more difficult for rivals to match Google’s online advertising services. Thus, the transaction would raise barriers to entry

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