As Black creators gain sudden exposure on TikTok and Instagram, social media platforms begin to acknowledge inherent biases

Black content creators call on followers and social media platforms to acknowledge systematic racism. (Photo: Instagram/heybriajones/areed_1998)
Black content creators call on followers and social media platforms to acknowledge systematic racism. (Photo: Instagram/heybriajones/areed_1998)

The social media landscape has been transformed amid conversations regarding racial injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement, sparked by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. While people from all backgrounds are participating in these discussions and using their platforms to provide information and resources for their followers, it’s Black content creators in particular who have seen a spike in their engagement and follower count on sites like Instagram and TikTok. And with social networks actively giving a boost to these creators’ posts, some feel this is the first time that they’re being both seen and heard by those who ordinarily wouldn’t follow them.

“My platform has blown up. I just hit 30,000 [31,700 as of publishing time] on Instagram, and last week I had, like, 24,000 [followers before]. And

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What to expect from Apple’s first virtual developer conference

For the first time in years, the auditorium where Apple holds its developer conference will be empty, and there won’t be any thunderous applause as Tim Cook walks on stage — unless Apple simulates it like football leagues have.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the company to hold its first online-only Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Last month, Microsoft held its Build conference in a similar fashion. So, we’ll get to see how Apple does it.

It’s also the first time in years that announcements related to the Macs will take the center stage, instead of iOS. Here’s what we expect Apple to announce at WWDC 2020:

Transition kit from Intel to ARM processor for Macs

Earlier this month, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reported that Apple is going to announce its move to ARM Macs at WWDC. Earlier this year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the company will release ARM-based Macs

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‘I used to hate road cycling, now I design biking gear’

The BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Remi Clermont, co-founder and co-owner of cycling clothing company Cafe du Cycliste.

When Remi Clermont was a teenager, he was embarrassed that his father liked going road cycling.

By road cycling, he means riding around on the type of bike you see in the Tour de France – “drop handlebars” that sweep downwards, and thin tyres.

Despite Remi being born and raised in the Alsace region of eastern France, and road biking being one of the country’s most popular sports, his young self just didn’t like it.

“My friends and I, all the kids, were into mountain biking at the time (the early 1990s),” says the 44-year-old. “Road biking was seen as very boring. I was almost ashamed when I told friends that my dad was into it.”

Remi loved cycling

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What’s the Difference and What Do They Do?

Dietician and nutritionist are often used interchangeably to refer to someone who works in the healthcare industry, specifically with regards to diet, food and eating habits. Though both are considered nutritional experts, these two professions have distinct qualifications that set them apart including education, certification and clinical experience. A registered dietician (RD) is federally regulated and requires specific and ongoing proof of credentials. A nutritionist, on the other hand, is much less standardized, meaning accreditation can vary from state to state and even region to region.

To help us learn more, we reached out to Brian St. Pierre MS, RD, CSCS and director of nutrition at Precision Nutrition, a digital coaching and certification platform.

What Is a Dietician?

Simply put, a dietician is an expert on diet and its effects on our health and wellbeing. Dieticians are licensed to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems, including chronic diseases like diabetes

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‘It has been reduced to a show’

Getty Images
Getty Images

Yoga is not supposed to be about how you look. In fact, the purpose of this 5,000-year-old Indian practice is the very opposite: to combat the superficial with the spiritual and encourage mental transformation through movement.

But in recent years, it seems these intentions have fallen to the wayside.

Thanks to the advent of Instagram, millions of avid yogis around the world have taken to sharing daring and abstract poses online, accruing thousands of followers and launching careers as “yoga influencers” as a result. Search #yoga on the platform and you’ll find 75.5 million photos of people bending their limbs backwards, forwards and sideways in all sorts of Valencia-filtered locations. And celebrities are among them, with everyone from Britney Spears and Miranda Kerr to Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé demonstrating their finest yoga moves.

Some of the poses are harmless – a downward dog here, a lotus there –

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How Zack George went from ‘massively overweight’ child to the UK’s fittest man, and how he trains to stay there

Zack George as a child and now.
Zack George as a child and now.

Zack George

  • Zack George came top of the UK in the 2020 CrossFit Open, and 26th in the world.

  • However, as a child, George said he was “massively overweight,” eating fast food five times a week.

  • The professional athlete and CrossFit gym owner told Insider that his dad offered him a PlayStation as an incentive to lose weight, which kickstarted his fitness journey.

  • George now trains twice a day, six days a week, and he still has to keep his weight in check.

  • His best piece of advice to others is to “run your own race.”

  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

As a child growing up in Leicestershire, UK, Zack George was, in his own words, “massively overweight,” eating huge bags of candy and McDonald’s five times a week.

Two decades later, however, and he’s earned the title of the fittest man

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Plenty of new features across all Apple devices

What to expect at WWDC 2020: Plenty of new features across all Apple devices
What to expect at WWDC 2020: Plenty of new features across all Apple devices

On June 22, Apple will hold is annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). But rather than gathering thousands of developers and journalists inside the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose California, the event will be an online-only experience due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But the new format isn’t stopping Apple from announcing new versions of its operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, tvOS, and watchOS during its Special Event Keynote.

While nothing is confirmed, plenty of rumors over the last few months have allowed us to piece together what we can likely expect for all of its platforms.

But there’s also been speculation beyond software. In addition to new features on devices on the iPhone and Apple Watch, the company might also announce its future plans for switching to an ARM-based chip on its Macs.

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Man Interrupts Fitness Class, Refuses To Leave Until Police Come

AURORA, IL — A white man taunted a fitness class of mostly Black women working out at It’s Fit Time in Aurora and only stopped once police were called, according to a report by the Aurora Beacon-News. The man approached the women exercising June 6 in the business’ parking lot and harassed them for about 45 minutes, the report states.

Certified personal trainer Asafonie Obed, of Aurora, told the City Council and Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin about the experience during an online meeting earlier this month. Obed said she was working outside at the predominantly Black gym when the man came over to the women and immediately began to act “very hostile” toward them.

Aurora Seeks Residents’ Input To Craft Police Policy Reforms

“The first thing he said was, ‘What are y’all doing here?’ and ‘I pay taxes,'” Obed said. “I’m a tax-paying citizen. I’m a resident as well. I

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All NC businesses could soon reopen. Here’s what that may look like in Charlotte

North Carolina soon could enter the final phase of reopening amid the novel coronavirus. Some Charlotte area businesses are ready with safety plans once that is allowed, while at least one vows not to wait much longer to reopen.

Bowlers could see every other lane in use and some movie theater patrons would be required to wear masks. There also will be temperature checks for guests before they hit the gym.

The final phase of the state’s stay-at-home order that would reopen all businesses is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. June 26.

But Gov. Roy Cooper has not decided whether to move to Phase 2.5 or Phase 3 as COVID-19 cases continue to spike. He is expected to disclose his plans in the next few days.

All non-essential N.C. businesses were ordered to close March 17 to stop the coronavirus spread.

Phase 2 started May 22, allowing restaurants, personal

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How to prepare for your first gravel race

The distance and difficulty of your chosen event and your current levels of fitness will alter the exact approach you need to take, but the best practice for an event-specific training plan is to begin at least 12 weeks prior to standing on the start line. This will enable you to develop a structured training plan in accordance with the demands of the specific event you have chosen.

If you’re using a coach, discuss the key elements of the race (distance, elevation gain, terrain type) with them and then develop your training plan accordingly. Any reputable coach will be able to modify your training plan according to your training availability and needs.

If you don’t have a coach, there’s no need to worry as we’ve already covered a few training plan options in a previous series of articles.

Your training plan should include at least three phases:

  • A base phase
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