Call for research proposals on Favela Urbanism and Sustainable Development

Barraco #55 is receiving research proposals on favela urbanism and sustainable (economical, social and ecological) development in the context of a Favela. Researchers, students and artists are invited to explore topics on art, popular culture and cultural heritage, tourism, technology, culture-led regeneration, favela-urbanism/integration, socioeconomic inclusion, ecology, qualities and potential of the favela, community organization and resistance and (new/alternative) economies, within the context of a pacified (by UPP ‘peace’ police) favela in Rio de Janeiro, as part of a larger research project on the challenges, opportunities and potential of (existing) urban regeneration projects and processes in the community.   Research area The focus of the research is the area of Complexo do Alemão, a large complex of 13 favelas located in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. After decades of violence, social segregation/discrimination and absence of the state, the pacification project, an attempt to reduce violence related to drugs trafficking in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, has ‘opened up’ the Favelas in a way, not only for tourism, but also for the private, public and third sector. However, the pacification project seems very fragile and non-sustainable, and improvements turn out to be minimal. Complexo do Alemão does not (yet) deal with issues as gentrification and predatory tourism as much as favelas located in the South Zone. Problems the community faces are poor investments by the government, little attention by social movements and middle class activists, extremely negative stereotypes and the military occupation by the police.   Research goals Building new knowledge and shape policies regarding urban regeneration; aiming to investigate and tackle issues as social segregation/discrimination, socioeconomic inequality/poverty and to increase knowledge on favela-city integration and sustainable community regeneration.   Barraco #55 Barraco #55 is a research and art centre in Complexo do Alemao, a recently pacified urban community in Rio de Janeiro. Our overall goal is to connect and to boost the exchange of knowledge and culture, within and outside of the community, and to develop sociocultural and urban projects that reveal and aim to resolve issues and problems. Barraco #55’s small permanent staff cooperates with residents, neighborhood associations, organizations and community leaders in order to map out and explore local issues. We subsequently devise points of action and link these to the knowledge and expertise of artists or researchers interested in starting local community projects or researching current and urgent topics, either independently or in cooperation with Barraco #55. Barraco #55 introduces the artists and researchers to the community, and substantially supports them in their (research) projects. Moreover, Barraco #55 has a facilitating role, helping the artists and researchers to integrate in the local and Rio-based organizations and universities, aiming at the formation of a network of local and foreign professionals.   Barraco #55’s main aim is to create a database of knowledge on the favelas of Complexo do Alemão in particular, and of Rio de Janeiro in general, and to share this knowledge with the communities. Researches, academic as well as audiovisual/artistic, rarely stay in the favela and the produced knowledge/product is often not accessible to the community, while this knowledge could play an important role in the socioeconomic development of the community.     What we offer

  • A small but competent team of local and international artists and researchers, who speak English, Portuguese and Portañol
  • A network of residents, local entrepreneurs, favela- and Rio-based institutions and universities/students
  • Rich database with previous theoretical research and reports on art projects in the community
  • Info on interesting events, projects and activities in or related to the favela
  • A house + work space and the use of tools and (audiovisual) equipment free of charge
  • A group of up to to 6 artists / researchers in residence to collaborate with
  • Accommodation (paid, read more below)

What we look for   We are looking for enthusiastic, independent and dedicated students/researchers interested in contributing to a broader research on the obstacles and potentials in urban regeneration in one of the biggest complexes of favelas of South America. We are open to receive students and researchers from different backgrounds in order to preserve an interdisciplinary research base. In case are interested in conducting research in a favela but you have a proposal for a research topic that differs from the above, please send your idea by email and we will discuss the possibilities. Experience with ethnographic research and with low income communities is desirable. Knowledge of Portuguese is useful but no prerequisite. Accommodation   To integrate as much as possible into the community, you can apply for the residency programme, meaning you will be hosted in the Barraco #55 guesthouse + work space and orientated and supported by the Barraco #55 team/network. The residency programme is paid, as we are an independent centre and the structure we provide for artists and researchers who collaborate with us is extensive hence costly. Prices are based on the average rent price in the city of Rio de Janeiro (read more:   Research proposals without the intention to apply for a residency can also be sent.     Deadlines   For research starting 1 December 2014: deadline proposals 15 October For research starting 1 February 2015: deadline proposals 15 December For research starting 1 April 2015: deadline proposals 15 February   Applications   In order to apply, you’ll need to fill in an application form that can be submitted in .doc, .odt or .pdf format. Included in the form are personal data, a mini resume, a work or research proposal for your own project or an existing project, and a personal motivation. The form can be found at:   Send your research proposals to .   Within two days, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you don’t receive a confirmation email from us within two days, please contact us through Facebook:       Results   You will hear from us within two weeks after your application. Duration of research will be discussed, depending on your schedule, our availability and your research proposal.     Contact Please contact us if you are interested or have any other questions. http :// +55 21 97184 4850